How To Be a Great Wingman

A guy out on the prowl can seem less intimidating or lecherous with a wingman in tow. When it is your turn to take the roll of wingman, there are some things you need to know. Follow these steps to be a great wingman to all of your friends.

  1. Help him scope targets. Knowing your friend's taste in women will help you be an effective wingman. Scope the blonds if they turn his head or point out the sassy redheads that appeal to him. Let him know the women who are totally available with the right moves.
  2. Boost his confidence. An essential benefit of a wingman is your ability to boost your guy up when he's ready to fall down. Having you in his corner helps him make bolder moves. Raise his confidence by playing down your own skills and reminding him of his skills. After the approach you will continue to boost his confidence and make him look appealing to the women by sharing stories of your buddy's best days on the sports field or business world.
  3. Remain in a supportive position. Let your pal lead and stay one step behind him. Give him space to make contact and then conversation. Don't try to be funny or get the woman's attention. Instead avoid making an impression on the girl he has his eye on.
  4. Pick off the distractions. Rarely does your friend need a wingman when approaching a woman alone. Instead your support is needed when the girl of his interest is surrounded by a gaggle of girlfriends. Your job is to distract these excess women so that they begin to focus on you while the chosen girl can focus on your pal. Be prepared that being the wingman may mean you need to make the ultimate sacrifice. You might find yourself taking home the best friend just so your pal can get a rel shot at the girl of his dreams.
  5. Keep track of drink needs. While your friend is making his move, he cannot be distracted or flea the scene to refresh a drink order. Your task is to make certain no one goes empty in the beverage department.
  6. Hold off other aggressors. Once you've captured the attention of her girlfriends, don't let yourself get too distracted by the women. You might still have to defend against moves by other random guys looking to make their own moves. Deflect these advances with defensive moves or if all else fails, toss one of the extra girls in the intruder's direction. She will distract his interest long enough for you to watch your man's back.

Being a wingman takes some practice when you want to be good at it. It takes subtle moves to watch your pal's back while perking up his confidence at the same time. The good news is that when you're great at the game, you'll be rewarded when your pal plays wingman for you on your next evening out.


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