How To Be a Maid of Honor

Being chosen to be a Maid of Honor at a loved one’s wedding is a special privilege that also comes with important duties.  Having this privilege, it is your job to ensure that the wedding runs as smoothly as possible.  Many times the groom is not willing, or does not know how to assist in planning a wedding, therefore a Maid of Honor is chosen to aid in making the wedding a joyous one.  Too many people see being a Maid of Honor as a title, but it is not only a title, it is a job requiring specific duties.  The bride could have chosen anyone. Step up to the job and learn how to be a real Maid of Honor.

The first step in being a Maid of Honor is establishing communication between the bridesmaids.  Consider yourself the leader of a team, without becoming too control hungry, and make sure that they are all receiving the information they need.  It is easy for information such as times and dates to be misunderstood, and it is your duty to oversee that this information is well known throughout the bridal party.

Most of the Maid of Honor's work is not on the wedding day itself but more in leading up to that special day.  It is your job to assist the bride in much of the planning, setting up, and even in helping to split some of the costs.  Major events to help plan are the bridal shower and the bachelorette party.  As a Maid of Honor you can also oversee such things as any necessary appointments.  As long as the bride doesn't mind your help, and usually she will appreciate any help, the Maid of Honor can also aid in planning the wedding day itself.  Assist the bride in things such as sending out invitations, setting up seating arrangements, picking out decor, or any other project she might need help with.  Don't be afraid to ask the bride what you can do to help her.  The little events leading up to the wedding are just as important to the bride as the wedding itself. Stressing over the wedding is enough for the bride, take charge of these extra events to reduce the amount of worry the bride may encounter.

Although much of the work is before the wedding day, there are some important roles preserved especially for the Maid of Honor on the wedding day itself.  The biggest thing you can do on the special day is bring tons of extras for the bride, because with her focusing solely on the wedding there is a great chance of her forgetting important items.  These items can consist of hairspray, makeup, and any other odds and ends the bride might need at the last minute.  With this responsibility, more is always better than not bringing enough. 

Other jobs the Maid of Honor takes care of during the wedding are holding onto the groom's ring, holding the bride's bouquet during vows, and helping with the wedding dress train.  After the ceremony is over, make a toast during the wedding party.  Do not forget the toast (or speech) as this is almost always expected from the Maid of Honor.

Lastly, in having the unique job of being the Maid of Honor, remember why you were picked by the bride.  You are her best friend and should be there for her in time of need.  Provide physical, mental, and moral support for her.  The job of the Maid of Honor can easily go outside its customary guidelines, never be scared to pick up more duties as long as the bride needs the extra help.  Most importantly have fun throughout the process, and create memories for the bride that not only come along with having a wedding but as having a best friend as well.


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