How To Be a More Romantic Lover

Keeping the romance in a relationship takes a lot of hard work. As couples become engrossed with other day-to-day activities and the realities of life, romance usually takes a back seat. It's so easy to do away with it. The cost of losing sight of this may mean the end of the relationship for some couples. However, all is not too late. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just beginning to get to know each other, always keep the sparks flying by becoming a more romantic lover to your partner.

Take heed from a few suggestions:

  1. Be more attentive to your significant other. Know what she likes and dislikes and pay close attention to the little things that make her happy.
  2. Routines spell dead-ends in a relationship. Routines are comfortable and convenient, but not always satisfactory. It's so easy to fall into this trap especially when you have been with this person for so long. Once in a while, do away with the routine and try something spontaneous like a weekend road trip or a special alone time at the beach or the park.
  3. Never wait for special occasions to celebrate something together. Anniversaries are a given, if not mandatory, but it's the little unexpected surprises that make the relationship more exciting. The celebrations need not be grand. It's the gesture that matters. If you feel like giving your partner a special day just because you know how special they are, then go ahead and arrange that breakfast in bed or bake his favorite dessert treat, just because.
  4. Exercise creativity. A movie date is a regular date, but it will be more creative if you, for instance, plan a theme night. Like, spend one night watching two DVD movies of her favorite actor, for example.
  5. As mentioned earlier, it’s the little gestures that count, not the big or grand movie extravaganza we often see in the media. Surprise her by cleaning up her apartment, or leaving little post it notes on his car’s dashboard.
  6. Never forget to kiss or hug or hold your partner’s hand every chance you get. Similarly, the words “I love you”, “I’m sorry” and “Thank you” are sometimes not being said often, especially when you’ve been comfortable with a partner over the years. But now’s the time to learn the habit of saying this a lot. It will matter a lot to the one who loves you.
  7. Have her friends involved if you are planning a special surprise or a date. Not only will you get extra tips on how to treat your partner right, your partner will also appreciate that you let her friends know how much she means to you.

When you do all these romantic gestures, be open to the idea that your significant other may not return with the same enthusiasm right away, or even return the favor by surprising you as well. Truly loving a person is not about what you need but what they need and how you can make them happy.


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