How To Be a Naughty Girl in the Bedroom

Being a naughty girl in bed is something that is quite difficult to achieve, especially when you have not yet discovered your own sexuality. Coming out of your box can be frightening. Most women lack the confidence to make their sexual fantasies come to life. It is more mortifying when you think about sharing it with your man. What can you do to break that shell and just get in touch with your wild side?  Here are some helpful tips on how to become naughty in bed.

  1. Be sexually confident. Start by taking the time to know your body. When you are alone in the house, remove all your clothes and stand in front of a full length mirror. Close your eyes and slowly caress your body. Imagine it is your lover who is touching you. Know how you would like to be touched. Explore your own sexuality and do not be afraid. Get comfortable with yourself and with what you want. This is a good start in building your confidence.
  2. Open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror. Now that you have met your own sexual side, it is time to face it. Do not be shy and do not feel silly. Continue what you were doing, but this time watch yourself intently. You will be surprised how sexy it is to see yourself do it. Remember, you are alone. Do not be self-conscious and let yourself go, no one will judge you. Be imaginative and creative. Continue doing this until you are completely, utterly satisfied.
  3. Browse online or visit your local book store and look for books about sexual positions, fantasies and the like. You can even rent adult movies to know what is out there. You will discover different positions and techniques by doing this research. Make an effort to know what your man likes in bed, learn what turns him on and how to do it correctly.
  4. Shop for new sexy lingerie and outfits. Let your imagination go wild. You can dress like a nurse or a flight attendant, or you can be like a stripper dancing on a ledge. Anything is possible.
  5. Unhurriedly introduce yourself to your lover. Be sensual and provocative. You will appreciate the reaction of your man when you see that surprise look on his face. Show what you have learned and take your time. Tell him about your sexual fantasies. That will add a twist in the bedroom.

Here's a tip. Do not let your man know about your endeavor of unleashing your wild side. This way, when you finally decide to reveal what you've been up to, he will definitely keel over in awe and excitement, like a kid discovering a wonderful birthday present. Once you are finally comfortable with your self, it will be easier for you to become naughty in bed at any time. Your confidence level will grow and your relationship with your man will become stronger and more passionate. Communication is the best tool for every relationship. Knowing each other’s likes and needs will greatly help make that sexual dream become a reality.


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