How To Be a Secret Admirer

There is a very thin line between an admirer and a stalker. So if you are really planning to become a good secret admirer, you need to tread carefully! Becoming a secret admirer can be a very rewarding thing. For one, you maintain that allure and mystery that you will not otherwise have if your love is professed publicly. Another good thing is that it actually gives you time to evaluate your other crushes while you try to please the current apple of the eye. Being a secret admirer is a non-committing way to appreciating a person that you truly admire!

  1. Focus on your object of affection. To make your object feel special, you must refrain from employing the same tactic to all pretty girls or guys that you meet. Make sure that your approach is unique and befitting your object of affection. You can’t send flowers to someone who is allergic to them.
  2. Send an anonymous card. Secret Admirer greeting cards from Zazzle may be one of your present options as you try to send a card to your beloved. You can also check out the websites that allow you to send anonymous messages directly such as Secret Admirer.
  3. Have a pen name. If you are tired of the “Secret Admirer” cliché, you can at least get a very creative pen name to keep things exciting. However, you need to be very careful in choosing your pen name. Make sure that it will not give hints on your real identity.
  4. Use delivery service powers than personally hand carrying your gifts. The problem with personally carrying your gifts is that someone or your loved one may catch you holding them. A beautiful unveiling is better than being caught off-handed with your present. Make use of delivery services that will help keep your anonymity intact.
  5. Aim for curiosity than fear. The trick about this whole secret admirer thing is that they are not that suitable for people who have certain streaks of paranoia. You might want to go easy and aim more for wholesome curiosity than fear. Don’t over research and blurt out all the information you know about the person in your letter. That might totally get your misrepresented and misinterpreted.
  6. Always consider your timing. Will another person be upset if you send this person gifts? A boyfriend or girlfriend might be more hell-bent in uncovering your identity than the person you are sending your gifts to. Make sure that the person is available and open to receiving such romantic gifts.
  7. Prepare for the revealing or unveiling of your identity. Secrets cannot be kept forever, so make sure that you are also equally prepared to reveal yourself eventually. You need to be able to gradually reveal yourself so as not to cause too much shock to your object of affections.
  8. Be confident and pitch in an assurance. Whatever you do, make sure that you are clear with your intention. Assuring statements such as “I just want to appreciate your beauty and I don’t want to be intrusive or threatening” are some good examples that can at least help build a semblance of trust and good will.


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