How To Be a Submissive Wife

Some people might not agree with you, but there is still a hidden charm and allure in the life of a submissive wife. Whether you are talking from traditional Christian Scripture sources or other patriarchal frameworks of belief systems, becoming a submissive wife is not something that happens overnight. Sure, there are certain personality types that are more easily able to adapt to a submissive way of behaving and they are really lucky. But whatever your personality orientation, you can definitely become a submissive wife by following these steps:

  1. Marry someone you genuinely admire and find easy to respect. This is the first major thing that you need to do so that you can successfully become a submissive wife. If you find that you are married to someone who is a mismatch and fails to facilitate an understanding atmosphere with you, then you are most prone to destroying the relationship with him in the long run. If you are married to someone that you admire and respect, submission becomes an automatic response in love and gratitude for being together in the relationship. 
  2. Know what submissive means. Submissive does not mean totally giving the remote control of your life to your husband. That is tyranny or domination that is not really healthy or recommended for a human being. Submissiveness involves humility and being disposed to taking inputs from your husband positively. It means maintaining your own dignity as a woman but at the same time, helpfully cooperating with your husband in building the family.
  3. Get a support system. You can achieve this by hanging out with like-minded people and reading on websites that allow you to become at your submissive best.
  4. Train your will power. You need to constantly make a decision that you are aiming to become more submissive. This involves curbing all the general and insignificant tendencies to oppose good things that your husband is suggesting. There are times that the husband may be wrong and you can gently admonish him to reconsider, but except for these moments, you need to train your will to understand than to be understood. 
  5. Have a constant reminder. You may put in verses, read on books and put some decorations on the fridge. If you are more of the visual type, you can paste in pictures on the wall of your role models as well.
  6. Always, always think of the benefits. Submission has its benefits and it sometimes has its drawbacks if not properly balanced to a certain measure of asserting yourself. But for the most part, you can derive fulfillment in being submissive if you like what you are doing.   
  7. Cheerfully serve your husband and kids. Do things with joy. Submission is not really a theory to be read, but a lifestyle to be upheld. Commit yourself to doing acts of love regularly and serve your husband and kids with joy.

Love comes in many forms. But the most superior kind of love is when you learn to transcend your own individualist personal will to accommodate someone else in your life. In the case of being a submissive wife, you are to accommodate your husband to the fullest and help him in building a wonderful future for your family. 


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