How To Be a Trophy Wife

It's not always a bed of chocolates and roses if you are a trophy wife (although you will indeed have a fair supply of sweet treats and material goods if you are one!). It is also some form of lifestyle that takes a lot of getting used to. Becoming a trophy wife is not something that people will choose to take by default. But if you are already tired of all the immaturities of same age love and want to experience a different kind of husband to wife relationship, here are the things you can do to become a trophy wife:

  1. Look and dress the part of a trophy wife. A trophy wife is very fashionable and beautiful. You don't need to be a ramp supermodel to achieve that feat. You just need to play up your features and find the matching outfits to help you look and dress like an authentic trophy wife. You also keep your skin and your physique well-matched. When you are accompanying your beau, dress to the nines and make sure that you are in the appropriate attire for the occasion.
  2. Prepare yourself for the trade-offs and the age gap. Young brides often lament in such affairs that there is less energy and some form of distance to their older husbands. As a trophy wife, you need to be properly able to adjust to these trade-offs, which are already given things when you engage in such kind of relationship. Another thing you need to remember is that you need to muster all the courage to overcome your hormones and stay faithful to your older husband even when you will be meeting a lot of younger and more handsome men over time.
  3. Be the social butterfly. Organize events, ribbon cutting ceremonies, golf tournaments and other activities that will draw in the people of your preferred social circles. The trophy wife becomes a trophy only when other people recognize her to be well-accomplished, young, of good stature and social standing.
  4. Date outside of your usual type. You cannot expect to be a trophy wife if you are confined to the same social circles. You might also have to be open to dating people you do not initially find to be physically attractive.
  5. Stay in shape. Get involved in any fitness activity. Stay in shape and make the best use of your physical features. Grow old gracefully by keeping your skin firm. Have a good comic relief from time to time to prevent wrinkles.
  6. Enjoy what you have and cultivate contentment. You cannot have everything you want in a man if you are a trophy wife. The best way to have a continuously wonderful experience is by means of cultivating contentment with what you have. Gratitude invites all the positive energy.
  7. Beyond the exterior, develop yourself with all your available resources. Being a trophy wife is not just about the physical appearance, contrary to popular belief. It also involves being able to harness your available resources into making yourself the best person possible. 


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