How To Be an Amazing Girlfriend

Amazing is hardly an adjective men use to describe the women they are with. But you most probably want to dazzle your man to be crowned with that very description. Don’t just dazzle your boyfriend! Be an amazing girlfriend and make him want to keep your forever by following these steps:

  1. Do things out of love. A little act done with much love is better than those grandiose gestures you see in the cheesy romantic movies. In real life, it’s really the little things that matter more.
  2. Appreciate your man. Men usually take correction very sensitively. To be an amazing girlfriend, you need to be able to say thanks even for the little things that he does. That may include throwing out the garbage, taking lint off your favorite sweatshirt and accompanying you through a nerve-wracking job interview, among many other things.
  3. Be real and have your separate identity. Just because you are a couple does not give you full license to really lose yourself. There will be adjustments, but you need to balance submissiveness so that it will not turn into sickening neediness. Keep your individual recreations, nights out with your girl pals and other stuff that you used to do as long as it does not compromise your love relationship.
  4. Maintain your physique. Be presentable at the very least and try to keep yourself in shape. Men are still visual creatures. While men who are totally smitten will not care if you don’t look like Alicia Keys everyday, you still need to try to keep yourself looking good so that he will always be encouraged just be seeing you.
  5. Make an effort to respect and understand. Some couples that have been together for more than 50 years can still attest to you that they still find mystery with their partner. You can’t really expect to get to know everything about your man even with all those time you spend together, but what matters most is that you keep the love alive despite your differences.
  6. Give him his space. In line with keeping your identity is giving him the space that he needs. Make sure that you are not driving him far from friends and hobbies that he genuinely enjoys.
  7. Avoid the nagging plague. Naggers are usually the second-worst girlfriends (the first one being the clingy types) on earth. Make sure you balance the way you remind your man what he must do. Better yet, mind your own life and improvement, and tone down on trying to amend everything about your man. Love him for who he is.
  8. Provide concern and support for the things and people he values a lot. This might be a bitter pill to swallow for those who have met monster in laws. But remember that your guy will not be who he is now hadn’t it been for his family and friends. Make sure you also consider them. 
  9. Get to know your guy really well. What does he like? It’s much sweeter if you are able to intuit or determine in advance what gifts he likes and what gestures he will find most touching. You get to do them for him without him having to tell you if you are able to “research” well.

The journey to becoming an amazing girlfriend can open doors for deeper commitment, among many other things. But the major premise for trying to be an amazing girlfriend is that you must also be dating the man who completely deserves you.


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