How To Be Charismatic

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to be the focus of a room the second they walk in? The quality you can’t always define that makes them magnetic is charisma. If you wish you had that special spark, there are ways to get it. Follow these tips and you, too, can be charismatic.

  1. Walk with confidence. Confidence is attractive. Charismatic people have the confidence it takes to know that they will command attention wherever they go. Walk tall with strong posture and let your confidence be visible to anyone you meet.
  2. Listen when others speak. While it is important to be visibly confident, this does not mean arrogance. You want to attract others to you, not repel them, so listen when they speak. Allow others to have their say.
  3. Be open to your spirituality. Being in touch with your emotions often enhances the confidence you show the world. Whether you meditate or attend church services regularly are up to you, just be sure to be open to being the best person you can be. Your striving to excel attracts others.
  4. Practice equality. Charisma allows people to interact with others on all levels. In order to interact with the CEO and the mail clerk, you must believe that all people are equal regardless of their income or status. It isn’t enough to believe in equality, you have to actively practice it by not showing favoritism based upon status or wealth.
  5. Show respect. Part of treating people equally is to respect them. Show your admiration and consideration for others by respecting them.
  6. Stick to your values. Consistency and honesty are essential characteristics of the charismatic practitioner. If you are willing to compromise your values, then others will not be able to trust and believe in you. In order to be charismatic, you should practice consistency and stand up for your beliefs.
  7. Practice in social settings. Charisma is not something you can learn in a day or even a week. You will need to experiment within a variety of groups of people in order build your confidence and overcome any shyness.
  8. Be flexible. Remember that your audience is different when you mingle with different groups. Tailor your conversation and interests to the crowd you are with.

Charisma is helpful in both business and social settings. If you want to command a room, just follow these steps and you will build your ability to be charismatic.


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