How To Be Creative in Bed

It has been said many times in relationship manuals that in order to be a good lover, roses and diamonds are not enough. One thing to boost your relationship to the maximum is through creative performance in bed. Basically, sexual intercourse tends to get repetitive and boring. To break the monotony of the act and put a whiff of fresh air in your relationship, here are some steps that can help you.

  1. Buy adult magazines like Playboy and Hustler. These magazines often have many tips and advices, often in article form, where you can get the craziest ideas in lovemaking. Although Playboy and the like publish articles that are great, you can try reading women’s magazines (of course not in full view of women!). You can get ideas of what women really want, and you can get to know more about them than reading magazines for men.
  2. Incorporate objects into your play. Although your bodies are the main mechanisms in lovemaking, using objects such as dildos will make your act more interesting. Once you learn that literally everything can be used in your love game, you will realize that the horizons of options are virtually limitless. You will come up with more and more ideas and will put your creative mind to the test.
  3. Make your fantasies and fetishes alive. Fantasies are imaginary situations that are often left in imagination. You can bring them to reality by planning them and executing them, together with your partner. On the other hand, fetishes are weird things or situations that are often shameful to disclose even to your partner. You can open them up to him or her and make your imaginations come true.
  4. Break free from the usual. The usual and the cliché will bore anyone out. You can try to get out of the usual acts and rituals and do some deviant move. For example, you can do your lovemaking in a place other than the bed, like the living room. This will add a fresh wave of excitement to the act. Another example, you can try bizarre moves and positions that you will not see in some porn movie. These will make your every deed original and certainly special and memorable.
  5. Do not believe in porn. Adult movies, or porn, often include in them dramatized events that are planned and made out. Therefore, do not expect to get the same effect when you do a porn act in real life. You may even get the opposite effect. Just explore the uncharted regions and believe in your own ability to please.
  6. Talk to your partner. She may have her own crazy ideas that she may be ashamed to share with you. You can initiate a talk on how you can augment both your performances in bed and how you can please each other more effectively. This does not only strengthen your relationship, it is also very kinky!

Being creative in bed is most importantly based in your own creative effort. There is no need to fry your brain out—just do some new thing, and always put into mind that lovemaking, like life, is not about the goal but the journey itself, which is giving and receiving pleasure.


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