How To Be Happy Single

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Society pressures us into believing that happiness is directly linked to a happy relationship. You've got to spend your life with someone in order to feel complete, right? Not so true. There are many people opting to take a different route these days. Rather than constantly being disappointed with relationships, people are learning to be happy single. This guide will help you to appreciate that a life lived single is still a happy life.

Step 1

Don't listen to society. To truly be happy single, you need to accept being single. Stop trying to fit into the mold society has cast for you. You can be your own person and make your own rules when it comes to relationships. Don't let anyone else convince you that you must be dating someone. Explain to them that you are happy being single and you want them to be happy for you too. As long as others know that you intend to stay single, the nagging should desist.

Step 2

Remind yourself why you want to be single. If you ever find yourself questioning your single life, it will only take a few unhappy memories to remind you of your choice to be happy single. Go back and think about all those dead-end relationships and think of how unhappy you were with those relationships. Write down all the negatives aspects of being in those relationships if you need to (and I'm sure there were quite a few). The single life has a lot more to offer, and you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Step 3

Take time for you. Now that you're not in a relationship, you can spend more time focusing on yourself. Take time to get to know who you are, what you love to do, and what your goals are in life. You will have a lot of free time to pursue whatever you want to if you're not in a relationship. So take advantage of your singlehood and explore your life. Take up a new hobby, tour Europe or go back to school. You will find yourself very happy as a single because you will blossom into a truer version of yourself.

Step 4

Celebrate being single. You don't need to hide the fact that you are a happy single from the rest of the world. Celebrate it! It's okay to go out to dinner by yourself. Treat yourself to a quiet cup of morning coffee at the local bistro and don't think twice about what people think about you. They're too absorbed in their morning papers to even worry about what you're doing. Go out to a bar to dance and have fun, and not to pick up! Treat yourself to a good time without weighing it down with the demands of looking for love. Be happy single in whatever you do and let the world know that life can still be happy, even without a mate.


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The best thing about being "unattached" is that you feel independent and free - that's very empowering. Thanks for the tips!

By Anonymous