How To Be Irresistible to Girls

Communicating with the opposite sex

There is no fool-proof formula for any guy to learn how to be irresistible to girls. Women can be complex creatures. Attraction can happen at many levels—the physical aspect is only one of these levels. Below, however, is a compilation of some tips that worked for a lot of people:

  1. Work on with your looks. Face it, an attractive face and body is irresistible to lots of women.  Short of getting plastic surgery, liposuction and steroids for muscles, you cannot drastically change your appearance because of genetics. But you can improve “what your momma gave ya” as the song goes. Nothing beats regular exercise, a healthy diet and enough sleep in order to achieve physical attractiveness. It also pays to have good hygiene (don’t disgust your potential girlfriend by forgetting to brush your teeth after your lunch of fajitas), to dab on a little perfume and to be able to dress well (emphasize your assets, attract attention away from flaws).  Women are visual creatures too and can assess a guy in mere seconds.
  2. Work on your attitude.  A man with great character is always attractive on an intellectual and emotional level. Be a gentlemen—lots of women find gentlemen to be a dying breed. Resuscitate chivalry, but don’t overdo it either.  What’s the point of having great looks if you will piss off a woman by behaving like a chauvinist?
  3. Work on your mind. An intelligent man is attractive to women. Just look at Stephen Hawking. He may be plastered to a wheelchair and talks through a machine, but his (then personal) nurse- (turned) wife divorced her ex-husband for him. You may not do so well in the looks department, but your brains can get you somewhere. Be a wide reader, or at the least, watch educational shows and current events.
  4. It helps to have a great sense of humor. Nobody wants to be with someone boring or someone who is too serious during light moments. Witty humor is great. Minimize dirty or racist jokes and avoid sexist remarks like the plague.
  5. Be a good conversationalist and an even better listener in a conversation. If you followed step number three and couple this with a little research on your date’s various interests, you are sure to have a great conversation. Maintain eye contact if a woman is talking to you.  This will let her feel like you are listening to what she is saying. Be a sounding board, and ask questions to show that you are following the conversation. Don’t hog the conversation, but don’t let her do all the talking either. Avoid topics like talk on ex-es, and boring, perfunctory stuff like the weather.
  6. Maintain some mystery. Be candid in your conversations but don’t tell all on the first date. Leave something for the next conversation.
  7. Respect and nurture the women in your life, not just potential mates.  If you can’t treat your mother, sister, friends and ex-es with respect, and be a loving male figure, it is unlikely for you to treat other women any better. Treat women right not just because you want them to find you attractive but simply because this is the right thing to do. Besides, word of you mistreating other women gets around fast and this could turn off many of your prospects.
  8. Be yourself. Be the most attractive person that you are.

Like what was said, there is no sure-fire way to learn how to be irresistible to women.  What may be irresistible to some women may not be irresistible to others.


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