How To Be Kind to Others

A Worksheet

Siblings can be very unkind to each other. As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do. Help is here! Try the following exercise with your children and teenagers, and spouse, if needed.

How To Be Kind to Others Worksheet

Directions: Answer the following and discuss before watching TV, using the telephone, or other activity.

    1. When I said:
      _______________________________, I was (mark all that apply):
      [inappropriate comment child made]
      __ Blaming
      __ Criticizing
      __ Threatening
      __ Accusing
      __ Generalizing
      __ Giving an order or command
      __ Showing little concern of other’s needs
      __ Showing unwillingness to compromise or find solutions
      __ Insulting, name-calling, mocking, being sarcastic
      __ Other:
    2. When I said the above comment, I was probably feeling:
      __ Tired
      __ Rushed
      __ Impatient
      __ Annoyed
      __ Other: _______________________________
    3. When I said the above comment, others probably felt:
      __ Angry
      __ Hurt
      __ Sad
      __ Rejected
      __ Scared
      __ Frustrated
      __ Shocked
      __ Other:_______________________________
    4. . . . and they are not likely to want to (check all that apply):
      __ Do the following for me: _______________________________________
      __ Help me: ____________________________________________________
      __ Other: ______________________________________________________
    5. Instead of making the above comment, I could have said: _________________________________________________________
    6. I would have been less likely to make the above comment if others had approached me by saying:
    7. If others say I made the above comment and I deny it, the following are possible:
      __ Being corrected makes me feel bad.
      __ I have an evil twin.
      __ I am not aware of my words and behavior.
      __ Others are hallucinating.
      __ I am trying to avoid dealing with it.
    8. When I don’t admit mistakes I make, others feel:
      __ Frustrated
      __ Angry
      __ Confused
      __ Distrustful
      __ Other: _______________________________
    9. When I admit mistakes, others feel:
      __ Relieved
      __ Trustful
      __ Proud of me
      __ Other: _______________________________

John Schurmann is a clinical social worker who runs Schurmann Counselling and Life Coaching Services.

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