How To Be Kissable

Kissing can be a fun and friendly experience. Whether you are looking for a new kissing partner or to reconnect with an existing partner, you can make easy changes. You can be more kissable if you follow these simple guidelines.

  1. Take care of oral hygiene. Any time you are looking for a kiss, be sure you are ready for one. Brush your teeth and have mints on hand if needed.
  2. Keep lips in good condition. If you are prone to chapped lips, you will need to keep them moisturized with a lip lotion or regular use of lip balm. Don’t smear balm on directly before a kiss because you may make your lips too slippery.
  3. Give up the heavy lipstick and gloss. If you are female and wear lipstick or gloss to make your lips look darker or fuller, this may be a hindrance to your kissability. Lipstick smears during kissing and that can be a turn off for some men.
  4. Smile and be friendly. Being kissable is not only about being ready with fresh breath and soft lips. If you want to attract someone with kissing in mind, you should be friendly. Flirt and smile to get the other person’s attention.
  5. Let them know you are interested. With some, you have to be direct and tell them straight out that you are interested in more than friendship. For others, subtlety works better. Provide hints with soft touching, handholding and focusing on their lips and mouth. When hints are not enough, you may need to take the direct path.
  6. Be yourself. Whenever someone decides to make himself or herself more attractive in order to be more kissable, he or she she may go too far by becoming false. Avoid being fake and trying to be someone you are not just so you can impress someone else. If the object of your desire wants to kiss the person you pretend to be, he or she is not interested in the real you.
  7. Have fun. Kissing should be fun, as well as romantic and sensual. To be kissable you should have a fun, outgoing attitude toward life. Try not to take the beginning of a relationship too seriously; instead, have fun and play together.

Being kissable is something you have little control over. In order to attract more kisses from the object of your interest, you can follow these simple tips. Soon you will be locking lips.


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