How To Be Likeable

People have the natural want to be accepted and hopefully, be loved. For now, why not try to be more likeable? It’s easier to achieve than help other people learn how to accept and love you. The more you try to be more likeable, the more you will be likeable in a very natural way.

Below are some things you can do to be more likeable:

  • Be positive. If you become positive at all times, you will begin thinking of happy thoughts—and doing this will make you happy. People are attracted to happiness. So, being positive will make you more attractive. Look at the marketing strategies of McDonalds and Coca Cola. They tell people that happiness is in their product. No wonder why they have increasing sales.
  • Be passionate on what you do. Engaging more on what you are doing will lighten up your load about it and might start to like it and finally, be passionate. Loving something can always be learned, especially if it gives you something good. For example, you don’t like you job that much. Try to be more engaged in it and you might see its beauty. Being passionate of what you do and being proud of it will be a great help to find happiness, without searching for more. And with your passion, people will see that spark in your eyes and you will be more likeable.
  • Be humorous. There are so many things in the world where you can find humor—a line from a comedy show, a strange happening in the street, or just a naughty thought. Even if you can’t crack a funny joke, you can still be funny by trying so hard. Laugh often and make people laugh. Everyone likes to hang out with someone with humor or at least, trying to be humorous.
  • Compliment people. Don’t you like to be valued with the things you do or the characteristics that you possess? People like to be complimented as well. So, as much as possible, compliment other people. But do this sincerely and honestly. Do not say the person has a good voice even if he sings like a frog. There are still many other things that are worth complimenting like the job he has done, his kids, his family, his sense of style, or maybe his sense of humor. People need to know they are good at something and often, they don’t get it. Compliment them and they will feel better. As a return, you will be more likeable.
  • Listen and let the person know you are listening. It is quite easy to learn the art of listening. Just be sincerely interested to what the other person is talking about. Acknowledge what he said and add something that can make the conversation more interesting.

Generally, being more likeable is just being a better person. Start pointing out the negative attitudes that you have and try to keep improving yourself. Maybe you don’t acknowledge your mistakes or you don’t know how to have good manners. Doing something to make yourself a better person everyday is like doing something that will make you more likeable.


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