How To Be More Attractive

Sensual attraction

Unlike the laws of science, the laws of attraction among people are not exact.  The standards of beauty for each era or race are different from others and can change drastically over time.  For instance, there was a time that having a full figure was considered most attractive. While it truly is more important in the long run and in the greater scheme of things to improve one’s character, being attractive has its advantages in the workplace and in finding mates.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting it, here are a few tips on how to become more attractive:

  1. Work on your physical beauty and otherwise. Face it: your physical appearance has a huge bearing on your attractiveness.  However, attraction for a beautiful face can be doused with enough samplings of a bad attitude. You have to be a beautiful person, on the inside and out. Beauty has to be holistic.
  2. Work on your physical beauty, the natural way.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Watch what you eat—make sure you get a lot of vegetables and try to steer clear of processed foods. Drink lots of water. Get enough sleep and exercise. Make no excuses for not incorporating exercise into your lifestyle and daily routine. You can easily make time for exercise by walking a reasonable distance from work, or cutting up your work-out routine and squeezing in those crunches during lunch break, to mention a few ingenious ways. A healthy lifestyle will make you look and feel good and lets you live longer too.
  3. Observe proper hygiene and good grooming as part of a healthy lifestyle. Unkempt toenails, body odor and bad teeth, to name a few ticks are entirely unattractive and also entirely avoidable. A man who does not know how to take care of himself least inspires attraction. They make bad impressions too.
  4. Dab on some perfume. Some experts claim that perfumes containing pheromones attract the opposite sex and that food-based scents are attractive to men.  Whether this is true or not, a dab of perfume (make sure it’s not overpowering) on your pulses will do wonders.
  5. Dress to accentuate your assets and hide your flaws and dress appropriately for the occasion.  You do not have to sacrifice fashion over comfort—current fashion trends allow you to mix both.  Your fashion should be a statement of your personality and must be functional as well.
  6. Mind your posture. Bad posture is as unattractive as it is bad for your body. Bad posture also evokes lack of self-confidence. Your presence will not be felt when you enter a room with your back slouched and your face on the ground.
  7. Work on your mind and your personality. Mind your manners. Read, take up hobbies and find ways to be interesting. Your looks you can work on naturally or can be artificially if you have money, but you cannot buy a great personality.
  8. Be confident in your own skin. Believe that you are an attractive person and act like one.  A positive attitude has greater potential to attract positive results.

Attraction can happen at different levels—it is not uncommon to see attractive men or women with less attractive partners because a great brain and personality can make up for handicaps in the physical department. The secret to learning how to be more attractive is enhancing your best assets, physical and otherwise. 


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