How To Be More Attractive to Men

Showing almost everything you have will not be that attractive to men. Even talking dirty jokes will not help you be more attractive. This is an art that many women have lost the skills of doing. Being attractive to men should be done with care if you don’t want to end up looking like a low-class, trying hard woman.

The tips below are proper ways to be more attractive to men:

  • Say your honest opinion. Most women, in their effort to be more attractive, tend to always agree on men’s opinion. For some men, being a YES woman can make you more attractive. But it is not right and will not make you attractive for so long. Instead, be yourself and say your honest opinion. There is something beautiful about disagreeing to men’s opinion. Be sarcastic at times, if you need to.
  • Don’t be too serious. Talking about serious matters will surely make you closer to men. But being so serious all the time is equals to being so boring. Have your humor shine sometimes. Talk about funny things. Laugh. Make men laugh. Like many other people, men like women who can make them laugh.
  • Give his time more value. How would you feel if you are kept waiting for hours? Men feel the same way, too. Just like you and many other people, men have their own things to worry about. Eating up more of his time will not be very attractive.
  • Go on with your regular schedule. Do you cancel everything you need to do if that guy asks you out? You’ll look so desperate when you do that. Instead of always saying, “yes” to his invitation, learn to say “no” if you have to. Tell him you have more things to do and maybe you can go out next time.
  • Communicate well. Have you tried listening to nonsense for five minutes or even longer? That is very tiring, and so is listening to your long monologue. Men may become so interested of your stories during the first dates. But sooner, they will get used to what you are talking about and lose interest. Instead of talking all the time, give silence a chance. Or, ask the man to talk about himself. You’ll seem interested to him, which will make you more attractive to his eyes.
  • Be more physically attractive. Admit it. The physical is the first thing that will attract men. This may be so shallow but this is the reality. Getting the right weight will not only make you more attractive to men, anyway. It’s about being healthier and being more confident about yourself. It will surely feel good if every time you see in the mirror, you see an attractive lady.
  • Be happy. Happy people are naturally attractive. So, stop dwelling on the negativities in your life—focus on the positive, instead. You’ll also live a more satisfactory life if you do this.

Learning the art of attracting men will take some time, some trials, and some errors. By following the tips above, you are at least doing it the right way and who knows, you might be able to attract the perfect partner.


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