How To Be the Perfect Girlfriend

Being a girlfriend can be hard work especially when you are trying to be perfect at it. There are, however, some things you can do to improve your chances of becoming the best girlfriend ever. Follow these steps and try a few to enhance your girlfriend status.

  1. Get to know your guy. The best girlfriends realize that every guy is different so you have to know him before you can figure out how to be perfect for him. Pay attention to the things he likes and his personality quirks. Being the great girlfriend doesn't mean you have to go against your own personality. In fact, plenty of guys appreciate a girl who has her own life and desires.
  2. Respect your boyfriend's past relationships. Don't interrogate your guy about all of his previous relationships. Respect is more about appreciating that the things he experienced before were part of making him the man you love today. If he keeps in contact with old girlfriends and childhood friends, then consider these valuable relationships in his life. Take the time to get to know the people he cares about and then keep any jealous feelings in check. The green-eyed monster is the fastest way to turn from perfect girlfriend to monster girlfriend.
  3. Be sweet to his family and friends. Few guys can resist a girlfriend who values the people he loves. Don't pressure him when he wants to have Sunday dinner with his mom or Thursday poker night with his friends. Let him go on his own until he is ready for you to join the fun. Once he invites you, show up and show his family the respect they deserve. Winning over the parents and siblings will help ensure your perfect status.
  4. Avoid clinging by having your own life. Most guys want a girlfriend who has a few interests and friends of her own. Except for a few extreme circumstances, your boyfriend will probably be the type who appreciates some time apart so that the time you have together is even more special. As an added bonus, you will have more to talk about when you are together. Your boyfriend will love your interesting and fun nature.
  5. Make him the center of your world when you are together. Couple time is important so when you and your guy do get together, put down the cell phone and text messaging. Give your boyfriend your full attention so you can cuddle at the movies or dance the night away staring into each other's eyes. 

The perfect girlfriend keeps her senses open, pays attention to her man and leads with her heart. By following these steps to put the guy first, you will skyrocket beyond good girlfriend straight to perfect girlfriend.


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