How To Be Utterly Romantic

Romance brings a spark to any relationship—dating or married. Even flirting becomes more intimate with some romance. The only problem is, most people—both men and women—find it difficult to become romantic.

Women are more romantic than men since women are naturally sweet. Women are also more attached to emotions than men, who are most of the time not too showy of their emotions. But when men become romantic, they can make women go head over heels.

Being romantic is natural to an emotional person—woman or man. Here are some tips on how you can become more romantic.

  1. Make ordinary become something extraordinary. Ordinary breakfast? Why don’t you prepare breakfast in bed? Cook your partner’s favorite breakfast food. Giving her a bouquet of flowers is plain ordinary. Make it extraordinary by not just giving a bouquet but a lot of bouquets of flowers.
  2. Be creative. Romance is like a form of art—an art of expressing affection. Being an art, it should be something creative but lovable. For instance, if you are planning to go to a dinner, make it more creative than just going to a fancy restaurant. Perhaps you can have a dinner on the rooftop or in the middle of a nice garden. Beside the beach is a good spot for a special dinner, too.
  3. Be fun. Being romantic is being serious—but not all the time. Sometimes, doing funny things is romantic. For instance, you can print on your shirt your sweetheart’s pet name and some sweet-funny dedication like “the most loved stubborn” or something like that.
  4. Surprise. Girls love surprises but guys do love being surprised, too. You can surprise your significant other with a three- or two-day vacation in your local beach. Or maybe filling her room with colorful balloons is something surprising. Putting sweet notes in your partner’s pants’ pocket will be something surprising as well.
  5. Something special. In an ordinary day, cook your husband’s favorite dish or give flowers to your wife. Making a day so special for no reason at all is very romantic and will surely be remembered.
  6. Spoil. You’re restricting your wife to eat chocolates to control her sugar level. Or maybe you don’t allow your husband to drink alcohol because it will be bad for his health. Doing some “bad” stuff like eating chocolates or drinking alcohol is sometimes fun. Let your wife eat some chocolates or allow your husband to have a bottle of beer. Spoiling them sometimes is truly romantic and that will surely make them happy for a moment.
  7. Be gentle. Familiarity opens up being not-so-nice to the person. On the brighter side, it’s good because you become familiar with each other. But it might hurt your love’s feelings. So as much as possible, be gentle. If you become not so nice to her or him, say sorry in a creative way.

Remember, no matter how many flowers you give or how much food you cook, all these will not mean as much if you don’t love the person you want to be romantic to. Being romantic starts from having that passion for the person. As long as love is there, romance is there—and being romantic will come out naturally. 


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