How To Become More than Just Friends

Almost everyone longs to be in a committed relationship.  Sharing life with the love of one's life can lead to marital bliss.  Furthermore, loving a friend can be even more satisfying because the person in love understands what makes their friend happy, sad, frustrated or angry.  Romantic relationships, where the couple began as friends, are very likely to last.  By following a few instructions one can become more than just friends with the one they love.

People who have strong feelings towards a friend must make sure their feelings are real.  If they have recently divorced or ended an engagement with someone else, they should make sure they are not on the rebound. Or they should make sure they are not in such a desperate state that they will pursue anyone who pays them the slightest attention.  When two people decide to become more than just friends, they should each make sure they are totally over a past relationship.

After people have searched their hearts and have decided they want to evolve a friendship into an intimate love relationship, they should carefully explain how they feel to their friend.  It is important at this stage to listen to one's friend to determine if he or she wants to become more than just friends.  If he or she does not, the person who is experiencing the feelings must accept the friend's decision.  However, if he or she does want to become more than just friends, they should proceed slowly so that they will not harm the friendship.

While talking about becoming more than just friends, the potential couple should discuss with one another why they feel the way they do about the other person.  Communication is very important at this stage and throughout the relationship.  They should discuss their goals as the relationship progresses.  For example, if they get married do they each want children?  Or do they want to live in a house or an apartment?  Will the other person be willing to relocate if one of them receives a job offer in a different state?  These and many other topics must be discussed so the couple can continue to grow together.

The couple should continue to do the same activities they use to do before they became more than just friends.  What brought and kept them together as friends is what made them fall in love with one another.  If they liked going to the amusement park, they should continue to go.  If they liked going walking or running together they should continue to do so.  Just because they have become more than just friends does not mean that their friendship has ended.  It has simply blossom into a beautiful love relationship.

Love relationships can bloom from these steps.


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