How To Become Romantic

It’s hard enough to find love, but when you are romantically clueless it seems impossible. Romance is the foundation of attractions and it’s what keeps love hot through years of hardship, children and even happiness. It pays to learn how to be more romantic so you can find the mate of your choice.

Romance is not sex. It can lead to sex, but romance is about emotion and fun. If you learn just a few tips you’ll be able to romance your way through years of happiness.

  1. The most romantic thing you can do is have eyes for only your partner. If you are in a public place do not look at, ogle, or comment on another person. Focus on the person you are with and politely ignore all others. It makes you partner feel as though they have a special place in your heart and will increase your chances of happiness for the evening.
  2. Learn to wink. No matter how long you have been with someone they love to know you are watching them in a loving way. You can do this by catching their eye in a crowd and winking.
  3. Find out what they like or what is special in their life. If you have a bad memory then write it down as soon as possible. It can be anything from a special kind of chocolate to a toy from their childhood. Surprise them with a small gift when they don’t expect it of this special memory.
  4. Give flowers for no reason at all. You can buy a fake flower at the local gas station, pick one from a garden, buy a bunch at the grocery store, or make one from tissue paper and present it with a kiss. Flowers are really special to women. If they don’t want live flowers that can fade away then buy a silk flower or a small glass rose.
  5. Buy tickets for a special night out. Anything from a play to a local sporting event is a great way to be romantic without being too mushy. Some people don’t like mushy, but they love the fact your remember what they like to do without having to be told.
  6. Pack a picnic basket and have your meal by moonlight. It can be in your own backyard, on a patio deck or at the beach. Even a moonlight picnic along a lake in the winter with hot cocoa and cookies makes for a romantic evening that will warm up quickly when you return home.
  7. Men! One of the most romantic things you can do for your wife is to clean the kitchen, put the kids to bed, and let her soak in a bath. A woman will see this as romantic because you give her the gift of time that makes her feel like a woman instead of a busy wife and mother. Make sure she has a glass of wine and good music while soaking away the day’s work.
  8. Listen to your partner. Try to understand. If you cannot understand their problem, then just reassure them everything will work out and you’ll stand next to them for as long as they need you. Sometimes a solution is not the reason for sharing a problem. It’s just a need to talk to someone who will listen and love them anyway.
  9. Low lights, chocolate, and a good movie alone on a cold night is very romantic. Choose a movie to suit the likes of your partner. Even if it’s an action hero movie the end result will be worth the time invested!


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