How To Block Pornography from Your Children

Why do we need to monitor our kid’s Internet activities? Children today adapt so fast to technology that sometimes parents don’t even recognize their kids’ taste. With this, it has become a headache of parents in controlling their kids’ Internet access. We might think that children are in danger when they are outside of their homes because of exposure to so much immorality. However, parents are now aware of the dangers in their own backyard, the World Wide Web.

The Internet is a great place to find information about everything there is in this planet. Even the rarest thing a person may not have heard before can be googled. Problems arise when children also muddle with very explicit information that they should not be exposed to yet. It poses a huge crisis for parents who are constantly working, and adult supervision is limited because you cannot always be at your children’s back watching their every move.

Here are a few tips collected from various users who have found these methods helpful in blocking pornographic content:

  1. If you are using Windows and Internet Explorer browser, the easiest way to resolve this is setting filters to enable restrictions. Meaning, your children won’t be able to access certain websites that contains “sex” and other similar sites with pornographic contents. Just install Content Advisor and you are all set!
  2. For Mozilla Firefox users, download ProConn Latter addon for Firefox to be able to set keywords and preconfigured websites that should not be accessed by children.
  3. Install software that will disable pornographic activities with your browsers. There are well known downloadable programs you may consider. Some of these are: NetNanny, Website Block, NetDogSoft Porn Blocker and Warren’s Software TerminatorX. These are just some of the widely used programs. Ask your friends and colleagues for effective and less annoying software.
  4. Use “OpenDNS.” This is a free technique that does not require you any buck at all. Also, you don’t have to download anything and go through installations. It is a method especially made for those who do not like too much clicking here and there. All you need to do is to sign-up for free with an OpenDNS account.
  5. Contact your Internet Service Provider to provide you with the service. This is actually the easiest and the simplest way to do it without having to think about glitches.

The birth of Internet has provided us massive information that has helped everyone in our daily lives. Communication has been very easy because of it, yet, the downfall has given us the power to control it too. In fact, there are a lot of campaigns already that have been passed to end search engines open access to porno websites.

Avoidance may be impossible, but we can truly manage our children’s bad influence of pornographic content through the same technology that allowed us to corrupt their minds.

The best recommendation though is to get in touch with your ISP’s technical representative to resolve the issue of blocking pornographic content from your children’s reach.


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