How To Break Up a Long Distance Relationship

Environment greatly affects the strength of a relationship. Most people prefer to stay in one place with their loved ones. However, some people choose to have loved ones who are located some miles across the globe. Long distance relationships are great if both parties are willing to communicate and to keep the relationship growing. However, what will happen if one of the parties does not do his part? Indeed, break ups in long distance relationships are inescapable. If you are one of those who want to do the breaking up, here are some things to remember:

Be straightforward. You are not only hurting your partner if you will prolong the process. You will also hurt yourself. If you know that there is no other way to keep the relationship end it. There is no such thing as a gentle break up. No amount of words or gestures can heal any heartache. Let the passing of years heal all the injuries. All you have to do is to tell what you want without turning back.

Be sincere. The best thing that you can do for your partner is to say the real reasons of the break up. Never ever, use “distance” as a reason. In the first place, you know that there will be a great distance when you started the relationship. Do not weave a thousand strings of excuses. You are only fooling yourself. Be honest with your partner and be honest with yourself.

Retrieve and delete all connective objects. Make sure that your partner has sent back all objects that may remind about your relationship. You may also give him the choice of throwing or destroying it himself. The best way to help your partner forget you is to remove all things that may remind him about you. You should also do the same thing. You should be the first to stop all connections whether they are e-mails, chats, or letters.

Do not ask him to be your friend. This is the worst thing that you can do during a break up. This may lessen your guilt rate but this will only lengthen the painful dilemma of your partner. How can he forget you if you will be friends? How can he forget the feelings if you will keep on caring? How can he move on if you are still there? Being friends with him is good but first you have to leave him alone. Let him think and go on with his life. As time permits, you will be friends.

Talk to him
. With the aid of the modern technology, you can always do a video call with him. You have the responsibility to show him how you have cherished the relationship. This is the best way to show him that you are sincere. Talk to him as if you are talking “live”. Show your emotions. Use non-verbal actions to communicate a message effectively. This way will help lessen the pain of your partner.

Relationships become fragile as time passes. The same rule applies with long distance relationships. You never know until when an individual is willing to exert effort for a relationship. You do not know the “expiry date” of happiness with someone who is at a distant place. If you come to the point of wanting to end a relationship, if you are planning to break up with someone, the above listed tips will help you do it in the easiest way possible.


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