How To Break Up with Someone Properly

Leaving your partner is never easy. But sometimes it's best for both of you if you just move on. Here's how you can break up with someone properly.

Step 1

Make sure it's face-to-face. The cardinal rule when breaking up with someone properly is that you have to do it in person! No phone call, email or text message is sufficient or fair. You've been with this person long enough that he or she deserves an in-person discussion. So make sure you break up with someone while in his or her presence.

Step 2

Pick the right place. Location is also important when it comes to breaking up with someone properly. You never want to do it in public or at least, not in front of a crowd. Find a place to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend that allows the two of your some private space to talk. If you have to yell to be heard (and likewise, if you could hear a pin drop as others watch around you), you should probably consider finding another place to break up.

Step 3

Choose an appropriate time. There is always a good time and a bad time to break up with someone. Right before an exam or test is probably a bad time for both of you. So is right after a traumatic personal event like a funeral, accident, injury or loss of job. Have some compassion and properly break up with someone when it is appropriate. Understandably, this isn't always possible and some relationships just need to be ended as quickly as possible. But if you can swing it, wait until both of you can handle the breakup emotionally.

Step 4

Be honest and sensitive. The old adage, ‘it's me, not you', isn't really an honest approach to breaking up with someone. Your ex will see right though you if you are dishonest about your reasons for ending the relationships. So skip the longwinded explanations and little white lies and just be up front with your mate. Tell him or her the truth. And try to do so in a way that is sensitive to your partner's feelings. Sure, you are breaking off your ties with this person, but that doesn't mean that you have to be insensitive about it. Ease your partner into the conversation, be up front with him or her, and give him or her the exact reasons that you feel it's time to move on. Without a doubt, your partner will appreciate your honesty.

Step 5

Stay calm. The end of a relationship can be hard on the both of you. But when you break up with someone properly, you need to try to keep you emotions in check. Stay calm, and try to hold back your urge to react to your partner's crying / rage / screaming / tantrums as he or she deals with the news that your relationship is over. The longer that you can keep your cool, the sooner your conversation with your ex will be over and your breakup will be official.  


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