How To Break Up without the Pain

When it's time to end a relationship, it can be very painful for both of you. Here are some suggestions to help ease the pain during a breakup.

Step 1

Make it short and sweet. Chances are, both of you saw this break up coming. So don't drag out the inevitable. Say it's over and then move on. The sooner you can start your life without him, the sooner you'll be happy again.

Step 2

Don't be nostalgic. You probably shared a lot of great times with your ex, but now's not the time to reminisce about them. Clear your ex out of your life so that you won't drag on the pain of the break up. Get rid of the pictures and letters and a poems and flowers. Clear out your life so that he's not visible in your room or your house anymore. (That may mean selling some of the items you've purchased together too. Or you can throw them out the window, depending on how you're feeling that day.)

Step 3

Draw on your girlfriends for support. Your best buddies will be so happy that you finally broke up with your ex. Call them over for a girls night so that they can remind you how wrong he was for you. Break up without the pain by realizing that you made the right choice by ending it. Get your girlfriends to help you with this. (Some ice cream will help in this area too!)

Step 4

Steer clear of sentimental places. For the first little while after your breakup, you need to avoid places that you and your ex went. They'll only bring back memories and stir up some pain from deep within you. Avoid the pain of a break up by staying away from places you and your ex frequented. (Besides, you wouldn't want to run into him there, would you?)

Step 5

Do something as revenge. You may be quite hurt after a bad breakup, but you can make yourself feel much better if you get revenge on your no-good ex boyfriend. Toilet paper his blessed car, post his embarrassing movies on the internet or show up at school the next day with a hottie on your arm. Anything you do that might infuriate your ex will make your breakup pain free (and almost enjoyable!)

Step 6

Stop thinking about him. You can also break up without having to deal with the pain by turning your thoughts elsewhere. Don't give that fool one more minute of your life. Take up a hobby, get back into exercising or plan a trip away. Move on with your life and stop thinking about your past so that you can start looking forward to your future after the break up.


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