How To Bring Back Romance After Baby Arrives

Having a newborn baby will definitely make you busy. This does not mean that you do not have time for your spouse anymore. It is important to keep the romance in the relationship even after the baby arrives, as this will keep your love for each other alive. The transition may be hard at first, but there are some things that you can do to bring back the romance after the baby arrives.

Here are some of the things that you can do to bring back the romance in your relationship after your new baby arrives:

  • Go on dates. It is important that you still go out on dates even after you have a baby. Make sure that the date will be solely about you and your spouse. Do not bring the baby with you. You don’t even have to go on expensive dates. You can just do the things you used to do when you were still dating. Some of these can be a simple candlelit dinner, watching movies or taking a stroll in the park. Leave any conversations about the baby at home, as this time together is a gift to yourselves.
  • Have conversations. With all of the responsibilities and sleepless nights that come with being new parents, it is sometimes hard to make time and talk with your spouse - but numerous studies have shown that strong communication builds strong relationships.  One simple thing that you can do is ask your partner how his day went or what’s new at work. The talks do not have to be about serious topics. By learning how to openly communicate with your spouse, you will be able to talk about any topic easily.
  • Appreciate your spouse. Learn to say how much you appreciate each other. You don’t have to verbally say it out loud to your partner all the time. You can show your appreciation by doing small things. You can write small notes on the bathroom mirror, send flowers, cook for him, and so on. Doing these simple things will show how much you appreciate having him in your life.
  • Be intimate. For some couples, it is really hard to be intimate with one another, especially with the addition of the new baby. Intimacy is crucial to keeping the romance alive, and keeping your relationship strong. A good way to begin is by remembering to always tell your partner how much you love her.  Help with the new housekeeping tasks - and, of course, don't forget to keep telling her about your hopes and dreams. These simple words and gestures will remind your spouse how much you care about her.

These are just some of the things that you can do in order to bring back the romance when the baby comes. You have to try to keep the romance alive so that you can each be reminded of the wonderful things which made you fall in love with one another in the first place! Having a good relationship with your partner is also good for your child, and you can only strengthen that bond by working to build your new family with the person that you love the most.


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