How To Bring up Children

Children are the future not only for parents but for society. At present we see many instances where children or students are becoming violent and/or have little respect for elders or institutions. Parents find it difficult to control them. Let us see how children may be brought up so that at least they become good and responsible citizens.

  1. Parents should give time. Parents should give time for their children. Their absence shouldn't be compensated by giving the child toys or video games. If both the parents can't give time then at least one of the parents should spend considerable time with his or her kids. Parents should observe and help kids in eating, playing and studying. By this, affection and intimacy develops. Parents develop confidence in their children and children also develop confidence in their parents. Parents and children don't try to hide anything from each other, so all members of a family behave in a responsible and disciplined manner. When children grow up and enter into outside society they take responsibility, confidence and discipline with them.
  2. Parents should love each other. Before sowing the seeds of confidence, responsibility and discipline in children, parents should develop these qualities in themselves. Husband and wife should have love, affection and confidence with each other. They should develop responsibility towards family and children. When one becomes responsible one becomes disciplined.
  3. Human values are important. When children learn how to love parents and siblings and how to respect elders, they also learn that human values are more important than material values. They develop kindness to others and don't turn out violent at the slightest provocation.
  4. Children shouldn't be made overambitious. Parents shouldn't make their children overambitious. Since opportunities are limited and competition is tough, when dreams are shattered, children or students turn violent and therefore follow unethical means, commit suicide or turn to alcohol or drugs.
  5. Children should visit the countryside. Along with children, parents should visit natural places, countrysides or relatives. The simple and laborious life of countrysides and the warmth of relatives may shape the nature of children in a better way.
  6. Scriptures should be read. Lastly, moral and heroic values as written in scriptures should be discussed and told to children. At a particular time either in the morning or in the evening children should recite prayer and if possible they should practice Yoga.

Parents have a great role in shaping the character and future of their children.


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