How To Build a Baby Fence

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Parents with young children have so much to worry about with their little one running around the house. There are so many places where he or she can get into trouble and injure themselves. It seems like no matter how hard you try to hide things or keep them out of rooms, your child always finds a way to get into some kind of trouble. A great way to truly stop them from going where they should not be is to build a baby gate. Baby gates can be versatile and keep young kids out of unwanted rooms, protecting them from any dangerous places. This article will provide tips about building a baby gate.

Step 1

Decide where it will go. Before you begin to build the baby fence you need to decide where it is going to go. Is this going to be an outdoor fence to stop your child from leaving the yard or entering the pool, or is it going to be an indoor fence to stop your child from entering certain areas of the house? This is important because it will determine what size fence you make and how mobile it is. 

Step 2

Take measurements. Now that you have an idea of where your fence is going to go you will need to make the correct measurements for that area. An outside fence is going to need to be rather long to cover the amount of space you want to block off. Go ahead and measure a few extra feet just incase. For most child fences a good height is around 2 ½ feet. This is usually high enough for most small children so that they cannot climb the fence. 

Step 3

Buy the materials. Picking the right materials to build your gate with is extremely important. You want something that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your child and something that is aesthetically pleasing. Some form of a plastic lattice is a good material to work with. Make sure that whatever you use does not have large enough holes where your child can stick hands and feet in to get stuck. 

Step 4

Set it up. Once you have built your baby fence you want to make sure that it covers the area you needed. Test it out to make sure that it is sturdy enough and does not become a bigger problem than solution. 

Building a baby fence can help save your little one from getting into harm's way. 

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