How To Build a Rock Solid Marriage

For young couples, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that a marriage requires more than just a few “I do’s” and a fancy ring. To build a rock solid marriage, you need to care for and consciously nourish the marriage at all times. Like all relationships, marriages can last for years, or just a few paltry months depending on how ties are maintained and how the love is fostered. Here are ways for you to build a marriage that will last.

Communication. The basic component to any relationship is communication. Marriage is supposed to be one of the deepest communicative bonds that you will engage in. every other details including your sexual relations with your spouse is only an aspect of communication and how you support each other and provide for each other’s needs. Always be sure to listen to the subtle hints and clues that your partner needs. Learn his cues and signals well so that you will be able to determine when he is feeling down and needs support or when he is feeling happy, which is also another great venue for you to show your support. Equally important, however, is that you learn how to communicate your needs as well – there is no reason why only one person in the relationship should act as the foundation.

Respect and trust. Communication implies honest, which manifests itself through respect and trust. Respect and trust does not only mean opening up to the other, but respecting the boundaries and lines that each person has. Do not expect your spouse to immediately tell you everything, since it is natural for people to keep certain experiences private – until trust and respect has been gained. It may take some time and effort, but through trust and respect you will be able to penetrate the emotional barriers that most people establish to protect themselves. Be sure, however, that you know how to respond to the status of being someone’s confidant – patience, love, and forgiveness are just some of the virtues that you may need thoroughly understand and be able to support your spouse.

Love. Communication, trust, respect, and honesty are values that are important for any relationship. What makes a marriage stand out, however, is the type and depth of love that you show for the other. Always be sure to express your love for your spouse. Never take love for granted in a marriage, such as by assuming that your spouse already knows how you feel. Constant reminders are just as valuable in marriages that are several decades long, as in budding relationships that have only lasted a few summers.

Attention to details. Finally, pay attention to small details. Take the time to surprise your spouse, whether through flowers, chocolates, or just cooking your partner’s favorite breakfast after a long night of working away in front of the computer. Take long walks, watch sunsets, and do whatever it is that lovers do – these are what keep a marriage interesting and enjoyable for both partners.

It will take patience and effort to build a lasting marriage, but this is the only way to end up with a relationship that you will enjoy and which will support you all throughout.


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