How To Build an Indoor Fort with Children

It is raining and 20 degrees outside. You have a hyperactive child whining and bored. What are you going to do? What else? Build an indoor fort! This can let the imagination fly! Question is where do you begin? There are many variations and endless possibilities. Let's give a few ideas a try.

First start with the basic building of the fort walls. Choose a room and begin building. In the living room start with either the couch or a few chairs. Take a few couch cushions and stand them up. Drape a blanket or sheet over this. With a clip tie back one side to leave a door. Then continue with the furniture. There are old magazines that make a chair. Throw some toys in and have an old fashioned civil war or play Cowboys and Indians. If your child wants to go camping throw in their sleeping bag, or even make a pallet from blankets and sheets. Turn out the lights and pretend you are in the great outdoors! If a fireplace is available roast marshmallows and hot dogs. You can even make smores. Put some stick on glow in the dark stars and moon on the sheets and some outdoor music sounds on. They will never know the difference! It will be a great adventure for all!

If making a fort in the bedroom start by hanging a sheet from the bedposts. Drape it down to some chairs and you have an instant bedroom fort! Another possibility is if there are any nightstands and a dresser in the room, tape it to the tops of them and have plenty of crawling room! This will be a big hit and a huge fort. If any available cardboard boxes cut out some windows and a door. The whole family can participate and draw on the outside. Make it a castle, a rocket ship, or whatever the imagination will allow. Make some wooden fishing poles, tie on some string, cut out some fish and place magnets on them. Throw out a blue blanket for "water" and go on a fishing trip! Your indoor fort becomes a cabin in the woods and you are off on your next adventure.

Making a fort is easy and fun. Throw in some pillows for comfort and your little one has their own hiding place. Making memories that last a lifetime are so much fun. This is a tradition that can be passed on from generation to generation. Teaching your child to make a fort like your parents taught you can bring back memories for a parent, as well as providing countless hours of fun for your child. One day when you visit your grandchildren you may see your efforts at work!


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