How To Bustle a Wedding Gown Train

The wedding day is one of the most important events in the life of a woman and the wedding dress is the most essential element needed to complete that special day. It is important to keep the wedding gown sparkling white all throughout that day. To bustle a wedding dress or place a pad under the skirt of the wedding gown may be a bit out of fashion. However, it is a good idea to have it in order to keep that wedding dress in beautiful shape during the entirety of the event. Here are a few tips on how to bustle a wedding gown with ease.

  • Keep it clean. Take steps to keep the wedding gown clean while you are handling it. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry. This will prevent you from adding dirt to the wedding gown train by accident by way of your hands.
  • The loops. If your gown has the ballroom style bustle, carefully pick up the loops of the train. There must be a corresponding button at the waist of the wedding dress for each loop. This way when the wedding train is attached to the loops the length of the wedding gown will be the same as that of the wedding train. You will now need to gently secure the loops to the buttons at the dress' waist.
  • Ribbons. With a French bustle, ribbons instead of buttons will be used in order to secure the wedding train to the dress. You would need to tuck the wedding train up underneath the skirt of the gown. Tie the train with the ribbons either as tightly as you can or you can loosely tight it so there will be a play with the train that may add texture to the gown. The French bustle adds dimension especially to the back of the wedding gown and no one will even know where the bustle is attached as it will be beneath the wedding gown.
  • The anchor. A tufted bustle has hooks at the anchor point of the dress where you can attach the wedding train. The anchor points are often located between the pickup point and the waist of the dress. You would need to raise the pickup points of the train and carefully secure them to the anchor points of the dress until you have raised the wedding train off the ground. Your wedding gown will now look like there are added clumps on it with the train acting as an added design.
  • The pickup. The pickup bustle has only one pickup point. It is the back of the dress that has a number of buttons where you can adjust the height of the bustle giving you an ingenious solution that adds elegance to the look of the wedding gown as a whole.

To bustle the dress is a great way to preserve the wedding gown throughout the reception. The bustle will always be a simple solution that can make you wedding day a little bit more hassle free as it incorporates the design with practicality and functionality. This is your special day and you should enjoy every minute of it with style and comfort.


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