How To Buy a 14th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 14th wedding anniversary, although not celebrated as grandly as the 1st, 25th, and 50th anniversaries, should be colored with love. And one of the ways to express love is through gifts. Buying gifts, however, is not as easy as it sounds, especially now that you have been together for 14 years and have probably given each other all of the nicest and sweetest gifts you could ever think of. If you have already run out of gift ideas, maybe the following tips can help you.

  • Go traditional. The traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary is ivory. But since ivory is banned in many countries for elephant protection, you can opt for ivory-themed or ivory-like gifts. For instance, give her an ivory colored dress or him an ivory colored shirt. Buy white balloons, white wine, or white chocolates. You can also choose to buy jewelry made of materials similar in appearance to ivory. The key here is to make alternatives. Although ivory is unavailable, you can find gift ideas that represent ivory.
  • Give your spouse a gold gift. Gold is the modern gift for the 14th year of marriage. Unlike ivory, gold is available abundantly. You can buy your spouse gold jewelry items, gold-lined bags, gold colored shoes, or gold accessories. You can also make a twist by surprising your spouse with a gold cake, gold soup, gold bubble bath, or anything that is ordinarily not in gold.
  • Buy an elephant-themed gift. Although ivory is banned, you can go for a gift item that has elephant for a central theme. For instance, you can give your spouse elephant-shaped earrings or pendant, elephant carvings, or elephant-decorated ties. If your spouse supports charitable causes, you can also donate to elephant sanctuaries and shelters. A vacation in Africa, where you can see live elephants, is also a good idea, although this will cost you a great deal of money.
  • Opt for the alternative materials. If you can’t think of a gift in ivory or gold, consider purchasing gifts with agate, bloodstone, and opal. These three are alternatives to ivory and gold and offer you with much more options. You can buy pre-made jewelry items with these materials from jewelry stores or ask them to make your spouse a customized item.
  • Explore other options. Just because ivory and gold are the traditional and modern wedding gifts doesn’t mean you have to box yourself within these options. Remember not to limit yourself. If you feel like giving a gift that is neither ivory nor gold, just give it. You can give your spouse the latest gadget, a ticket concert, a cruise vacation, or a hot air balloon ride. For as long as it tightens the bond between you and it comes from your heart, any gift is special.

To make the gift more special, consider slipping a love letter inside the gift. This is the time of your marriage when the troubles and demands of life have taken over the romance, so fan the flame of your love and say how much the 14 years of being with your spouse means so much to you.


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