How To Buy a 35th-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Anniversary gift certificate

The 35th year of marriage is usually celebrated with anniversary gifts that contain jade or coral. Because coral and jade are relatively rare items, finding a great anniversary gift can be difficult. Here are some things that you should consider.

  • Tastes and interests. First of all, try to imagine what gift item would be both functional, useful, and which suits the taste and interests of your spouse. Some people prefer traditional gifts, such as jade or coral jewelry, while others look for more functional gifts, such as writing pens that are embellished with a piece of jade, or a watch that is decorated with a little bit of coral. By incorporating your spouse’s tastes and interests in gifts, you will be able to find an item that they will not only appreciate, but find useful as well.
  • Budget. Before you even visit the first shop and look for jade gifts, make sure that you plan out your budget. Most people like to splurge when it comes to the 35th anniversary. If you plan on spending much for the gift, make sure that you save at least a quarter of your monthly income three or more months before the actual wedding anniversary. This will allow you to purchase an extravagant gift without going broke. Preparing and saving for the budget ahead of time is important.
  • Shopping around. Next, look at the various shops in your neighborhood. One of the biggest mistakes that shoppers make is buying the first item that catches their eye. As a general rule, however, you should consider the first pretty gift you see as the standard. After finding this, look at other shops and the first item that you consider better and more affordable than the first gift that you saw should be just perfect. If you have more time and if you can spare more effort, you can also look for even more items.
  • Classics. There are some spouses who prefer modern gifts but there are also many who prefer the tradition classic gifts. For instance, you can look for jade trees and houseplants, or you can search for jade jewelry. These are classic 35th anniversary gifts. Other classic jade gifts are pots that are made out of jade, although these are usually very expensive. You can also purchase an aquarium that contains corals.
  • Asian shops. One of the best places to start your search for the perfect jade gift is in Asian shops. Jade is traditionally an Asian stone that has been used to decorate the clothes, jewelry, and the homes of Chinese royalty. Not only do Asian shops have plenty of jade items, but also they usually sell these at a cheaper price. Plus, jade jewelry simply looks fabulous when used in jewelry with Asian designs.
  • Gift cards. Before sending your gift, make sure that you attach a hand-written gift card. Remember, an anniversary is the perfect opportunity to reiterate exactly how much you love your spouse.

As much as possible, deliver the gift in person. Your spouse will appreciate it if you take some time out of your busy schedule to spend an evening dedicated only to her.


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