How To Buy a 4th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wedding anniversaries should be special at all times, whether it is the first, the second, third or last. Many believe that the first five years of marriage are the sweetest and most romantic stage of marriage. It is the part where the couple is still enjoying the ups of their marriage. Now if you are about to celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary and are still undecided what to give your partner, below are steps on how to arrive at the best 4th wedding anniversary gift.

  1. The first thing you need to do is contemplate whether your partner would appreciate more of a traditional gift or a modern one. Nobody knows your partner better than you. By this time, in four years of being together, you should be able to say now what he or she likes or dislikes. At least, have a general idea about it.
  2. If you decide in going traditional, flowers are still as romantic as it was before despite advances in technology. Have a flowers arranged for your partner. Place this in a designed basket that will match whatever flowers you select.
  3. Now if you think your partner is a modernist, then it is good to give her appliances that you think you need at home. If you have a complete set of everything, then perhaps it is time to have a new and better set of appliances. Upgrade what you already have. If your partner is a workingwoman and spends some time in the office, give her a new laptop. If you have the budget, a new Apple laptop is a good gift.
  4. If what you will give is capable of being wrapped, then wrap it. There is still no substitute to a surprise and thrill of opening whatever gift, especially those given by special people like a partner. Never forget to include a card at all times, whether it is a traditional set of flowers in a beautifully designed basket, or a new appliance, a card is a must have. It is the soul of your gift. In making a card, try to give it a personal touch. Do not computer print a message or a greeting. It will be more appreciated it if is handwritten by the sender himself.
  5. Give the gift in person. Lastly, once the gift is all set, never ever consider using a messenger or a deliveryman in sending your gift. Give your gift personally. Remember the basic rule in giving a gift—it is the thought and the person that counts, not the gift itself. 

Remember that in giving any gift, it is always the giver that counts most, not really the material thing you actually gave. At the end of the day, whether your gift will be appreciated or not, it would still depend on you. Whatever gift you decide to give, just be sure to have the real thought and reason for giving such gift.


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