How To Buy a 50th-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Wrapped wedding present

 A 50th wedding anniversary is a very joyous occasion that deserves its synonym, the ‘Golden’ anniversary. To celebrate the golden anniversary, golden items are given to and cherished by the married couple. Here are several interesting ways to offer a golden gift.

  • Give genuine and literal gold. Are you the wealthy friend or relative?  Give them real gold in the form of jewelries, watches, accessories, furniture and so forth. Give bars of gold if you have them. Gold may be an heirloom, bought at a store, or custom-made for the husband and wife. Include a note that the item is true gold for added impact.
  • Goldify your presents. Gold-plated items are still considered authentic golden anniversary gifts. In fact, anything which looks golden is acceptable. Decorate the item with gold paint, gold dust, golden glitter, shimmer or polish. Wrap it up with gold paper and golden ribbons, or keep it in a golden box.
  • Looks like gold, give as gold. A lot of things look like gold: gold-plated chocolates, champagne, beer, pasta, butter, etc. Browse pictures of items or visit shops that sell a variety of items. Look closely and imaginatively at things; you’ll see that some of them resemble gold.
  • Sounds like gold? Wrap ‘em. There’s gold in goldfish and golden corn, so think up names with gold in them!  Browse a dictionary or brainstorm a list of gold-words with your friends. Coordinate with each other so that everyone brings a unique and amusing gift for the couple to enjoy.
  • Golden memories are worth cherishing. Memories make a life more meaningful. Gather pictures, songs, mementos and the like and compile them into an attractive album. You may have to ask the family’s and friends’ cooperation for this. Collaborate among yourselves so that you’ll collect as much valuable memories as possible.
  • Living gold. Let the couple celebrate the beauty of nature so that they’ll be refreshed and revitalized. Let them have a trip to a golden beach, or a mountaintop to watch a golden sunrise. Give golden flowers fresh from the garden, or have them relax in a golden field of wheat. It’s good for their health, too.
  • Activities to make them feel good as gold. Know what the couple likes doing most. Make them do fun things that they’ve never done before. Gold panning and gold mining are very suitable for the celebration. However, anything that makes the couple enjoy is considered a golden activity.
  • As valuable as gold. Does the couple have a particular thing, idea or place that they treasure?  Ask around to get information regarding the things they value highly. This may be tangible or abstract, such as books, clothing, food; happiness, sincerity, or simplicity. Make abstract values reflect in the gifts you give or demonstrate them yourself. For example, give a book about happiness, or make them happy for their 50th anniversary.
  • A golden treasure box. A gift may be something to contain other gifts. This may be a treasure box, a photo album, or even a camera. Buy something with gold in it, or decorate it yourself.

Because gold means a lot of things, there’s a lot of ways to give a golden gift. Be creative and resourceful. Above all, give from the heart to make the gift truly valuable.


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