How To Buy a 5th-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Marriage is a social union between individuals whose interpersonal relationships are recognized based on culture or demography. For most cultures, it is a tradition to have each year of marriage represented by symbolic gifts. If you are celebrating your 5th year of marriage, the traditional gift for you is anything made of wood. In our modern times however, wood is replaced by silverware. If you are to attend a wedding anniversary party, there are some great gifts you can purchase out of these two symbolic representations. You may take the following steps before buying your gift.

1.    Choose what’s best for the couple. Consider both partners in mind before you decide whether to choose the traditional gift or the modern one. The best gift would be something that represents them as a couple and not as separate individuals.

2.    Consider other’s insights. This is very helpful if you don’t know the couple very well. You can ask for advice from a close friend or a relative of the couple. This might also help you add a list to your number of choices and at the same time cross out those that doesn’t fit the couple’s taste and style.

3.    Take time to know your 5th year anniversary gift. There are two types of 5th year anniversary gifts to choose from. If you are to choose the traditional gift, take time to consider its interpretation. Do the same thing if you prefer the contemporary alternative.

  • Wood – symbolizes a firm relationship for it is more durable than fabric or leather. Compared to metals that are celebrated in the later years, wood is also more malleable. Wood carvings, wood furniture, or a bonsai plant could be some of your perfect choices.
  • Silverware – a contemporary alternative to wood. In the earlier times, crystal and china were considered high quality silverware. Silverware symbolizes connectedness. A few good examples of silverware are table wares and silver candle snuffers.

4.    Be creative. Creativity tends to increase the significance of your gift. If you have a lot of time, you can make a personalized gift for the couple. This way, the couple might find your gift more sentimental.

5.    Consider unconventional gifts. You may decide to choose on a gift that you think is least possible to be received by the couple. Some couples appreciate uncommon gifts more than the usual ones. It is, however, important to always consider what they want.

6.    Consider travel anniversary ideas. If you think the couple would enjoy something more adventurous, you can give them airline tickets of their choice or even let them celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary while on a cruise. This type of gift would surely make the couple happy but this is more costly than the other two.

7.    Check online stores. You may search for 5th year anniversary gifts online. and are just a few online stores that offer you great deals of 5th year anniversary gifts.

There are no rules stating that you must follow the said tradition. But the fact that it has been a practice for years, its significance increased the idea of romanticism and fun in giving wedding anniversary gifts.


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