How To Buy a 6th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Reaching a new year of marriage indicates years of a strong relationship. Moving on to another year calls for a celebration. More often than not, wedding anniversary gifts take a big part in celebrating such momentous events. For couples that are celebrating their 6th year of marriage, the traditional materials used in making an anniversary gift are iron and candy. You may also use the modern alternative, which is wood. If you are looking for elegant ideas, take time to consider the following tips.

  1. Decide whether the person you are buying your gift for would appreciate a traditional or modern anniversary gift. Traditional gifts could either be made of iron or candy. If you choose iron, it would be less of a problem because you have so many choices. You can give the person a set of kitchenware or cooking tools if you think she is much interested in cooking. If your partner chooses to be sporty or fitness-conscious, giving him weights or workout equipment would be a perfect gift. Using candy can also be as enticing. Sending your partner a bouquet of beautiful candy roses or a dozen of chocolate covered roses can be romantic. It would also be unique if you design a personalized gift with a combination of the traditional and modern materials. A wooden box filled with gourmet chocolates can be a simple present of such theme. But you can put engraved messages of love to make your gift sentimentally appealing.
  2. Aside from the traditional and modern gifts mentioned above, you may also count the 6th anniversary flower as a gift. You may attach calla lilies in your presents or plant them in your garden beds as a surprise.
  3. If your partner is a jewelry enthusiast, you may resort to the 6th anniversary gemstone which is amethyst. You may also use turquoise as an alternative. These gems are found in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  4. There are a lot of romantic ideas that are ideal for a 6th year anniversary date. If you choose to have a dinner date at home, reliving the past by re-watching your wedding videos or looking at your wedding albums together after a candle-lit dinner sounds a perfect idea. You may also reflect on the last five years of your relationship.
  5. Be playful with the number six. You may give your partner six small gifts for him to treasure. You may also write six romantic messages, like your six reasons why you love her or six romantic moments you’ve shared together. This may add greater sentimental value to your material gifts.

Celebrating wedding anniversaries is a manifestation of relationships with a strong foundation. It is celebrated to reflect on the experiences shared that made the relationship stronger. Gifts given during wedding anniversaries are just small tools that let partners at least appreciate the worth of staying together. These small tools, however, are only worth accepting if paired with continued love from each partner.


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