How To Buy a Bridal Shower Gift

The bridal shower is one event that brides-to-be really look forward to. Usually, a close female relative or a girlfriend or two plan and host this event. Being invited to a bridal shower means having to buy a bridal shower gift for the woman who will soon walk down the aisle.

If gift buying is not your forte, here are some suggestions on choosing a great bridal shower gift.

  • Bridal shower theme. Many bridal showers are themed events. Check the invitation if there is a specific theme for the shower. Some examples of themes are: Boudoir, Gift certificate, Italian Cooking, Entertainment, Linen, Storage, Naughty and Nice, and Fill the Pantry. What the theme will tell you is the type of gift the bride would like to receive. Some bridal showers do not have a theme but may indicate in the invitation what sort of items the bride would like to receive. Some examples of these items would be: kitchen essentials, sleepwear, books, toiletries, and many more.
  • Something sexy. Lingerie is a classic gift. When giving lingerie, make sure you know the bride’s size as well as her taste. Stay away from tacky lingerie fit for a porn star. Choose something classy that you yourself will not mind wearing. If you are not sure of the bride’s taste, a gift card from a lingerie store would be a good alternative. The groom will probably appreciate this gift from you!
  • Favorite hobby. Try to find time to chat with the bride and see if you can find out what she enjoys to spend her time on. Base your gift on the bride’s favorite hobby or pastime. Brides who love to cook are easy to buy for. If you know she likes to read, get her the latest books in her favorite genre or a magazine subscription perhaps. Maybe she loves playing board games. Then by all means add to her collection.
  • Favorite color. Choose a gift or two that is in the favorite color of the bride. If you don’t know her favorite color, ask her or the person hosting the shower. Buy items that are in this color. For example, towels and bathroom essentials can be color coordinated. Give her kitchen items in one shade.
  • Gift certificates or cards. When all else fails, a gift certificate or a gift card can be your last resort. Actually, in today’s economy, it can even be your first choice. If you were the bride, which would you choose: a bridal shower gift you can’t use and one that you can purchase something you like with? If you know the bride’s favorite store, get a gift card from there. If you are not sure where she likes to shop, get a gift card from a store that sells a wide range of items. Or you can get her a gift certificate from a spa so she can pamper herself before the big day. What about cash? A cash gift may be more appropriate for the wedding than the bridal shower.

It’s not difficult to buy a bridal shower gift. But if you are not sure what to get, feel free to call the hostess and ask for suggestions. Better safe than to get a gift that will neither be used nor appreciated by the bride. Once at the bridal shower, have fun but remember that this event is for the bride and all about the bride!


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