How To Buy a Kid's Soccer Ball as a Gift

Soccer has always been a sport that most children find interesting.  There is something about kicking a ball that gets most children riled up.  The funny thing about it is that even adults find soccer appealing and fun. If you want to encourage your kid to get into the sport, then the best way to do this is to introduce him to the soccer ball.  On his next birthday or on any other occasion where gift giving is a custom, purchase a nice soccer ball, wrap it in a bow, and present it to him.  Here are some tips on how to purchase a soccer ball for your kid and watch him become the next “Pele”.

  • Get the right size.  Soccer balls come in different sizes.  There is the standard international size, which is 5.  The other sizes are actually based on age.  If your kid is age 10 or below, then consider getting a ball with a size of 3 or 4.  So, when you are shopping for the appropriately sized ball, make sure to consider the age of your kid.  However, getting a standard sized ball is always a safe option for as long as your kid wears the appropriate footwear when he kicks it.
  • Go soft on him.  If your kid seems fragile or too young, you can still get him a ball but one that is softer than the conventional ball.  In fact, the softer the ball, the better for the kid to practice with it.  He will learn to control the ball more without hurting his foot in the process.  Consider getting a ball made out of PVC plastic as these are softer than the standard balls and are better for practice.  Leather or rubber balls may be too stiff and these should be used by more advanced players.
  • Consider novelty.  A stuffed soccer ball is another option for a great gift in tune with the sport.  The sizes of these kinds of novelty soccer balls vary from 1 to the standard 5.  Normally, these are stuffed with soft fillers and are shelled with soft fabric or leather.  These are fantastic options for the younger kids.
  • Consider the price.  Whether you are going with a smaller sized ball, a stuffed novelty ball, or the international standard soccer ball, bear in mind that you should never purchase anything above $30.  Anything above this price is highway robbery, which you should never condone.  Anything lower than $30 is a great deal especially if it is duly recognized by FIFA, which is the international, body that governs the sport.  In addition, if you get a soccer ball brands like Nike, Adidas, and Spalding under $20 then you are getting it dirt cheap.
  • Don’t forget the accessories.  Aside from the ball, you will want to include a nice hand air pump that your kid will use to inflate the ball.  You may need to have an inflating pin as well.  Consider throwing in a pair of kid’s soccer shoes and shin guards into the mix as well.

Once you present the soccer ball as a gift to your child, make sure to take time out to teach him the basics.  Never ever give your kid a gift without teaching him how to use it or without spending some quality time with him.  This will only defeat the purpose of the gift.


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