How To Buy a Mail Order Bride

Mail order brides are a reality as much as they are a trend. But to each his own, right? If you want to meet the wife of your dreams online, there are necessary procedures put in place to ensure the protection and welfare of women. No one is exempted from this and you have to follow these legal steps.

  • Find an international dating website or reliable agency. Thousands apply to international dating websites or agencies to find themselves a suitable partner. This is also the safest and most legal way of obtaining a mail order bride. The dating website and agency act as the third party between potential partners. They’re also responsible for ensuring the welfare of the women and screening the backgrounds of applicants thoroughly. There are some links you can check below.
  • Sign up for the online dating website or agency of your choice. Signing up usually means that there’s a substantial fee involved to cover for the matchmaking services and other services you want to avail. In some cases, you need to sign up with your credit card info at the ready. Some offer an initial free-trial version for thirty days, but after that will require you to pay a fee to continue with their services. Fees may range from $40 to $300 more or less.
  • Create your profile. This may be the easiest part since it’s all about promoting yourself just as you would in a social networking site like Facebook. Once you’re signed up, click the link that requires you to create your profile. Fill out your profile page with all the required personal information. Describe yourself, your achievements, work, hobbies, interests, and preferences. Don’t forget to include a recent photo. When you’re done, click “Save” or “Submit”. Then wait for the confirmation e-mail that requires you to click the link provided so you can complete the application process.
  • Browse the database. After completing the sign-up process, you can now browse through their database or catalog. Before this, you’re required to input all the details and traits of your ideal woman. The information you put in will be matched to women with the same traits in the database. You can look through the matches and you have the option of saving your choices in a folder so you can go through them one by one.
  • Make your choice. When it comes to choosing the most ideal match for you, take into consideration basic criteria such as education, nationality, religion, age, personality, and interests. A marriage, even a mail order one, is still sacred and binding. Remember that you are entering into a lifelong commitment that you agree to honor for better or for worse.
  • Make contact. Once you have made your choice, notify the agency or facilitator of your intention to make contact. They will then contact the lucky woman’s agency and coordinate things with them. They will send you the woman’s contact details and confirmation to proceed. Take some time getting to know each other through e-mails, instant messages, and chats.
  • Set up a meeting. In many instances, the agency itself also arranges the first eye-to-eye meeting. This of course requires extra charge. Some agencies also provide a travel package so you can visit your potential bride in her native country and get to know her family as well.
  • Sign the “Client Attestation” form. Before you’re both approved to exchange “I-dos”, finish this legal procedure required by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005. You should write all pertinent information regarding your background, criminal records if any, mental health, marital history, etc. This is done to ensure that the woman’s life and welfare will not be in jeopardy when entrusted to you.

The reality for most women who seek husbands online is finding ways to get themselves out of poverty and hardship. They believe that being a mail order bride is one way to achieve that. And as long as there are mail order brides, there will always be men willing to provide for them because they too sincerely seek companionship that for them, an ideal foreign wife can fulfill.

Quick tip: Be careful when selecting an agency or dating website. Larger, more well-known ones that offer protection are less liable to be scams.


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