How To Buy a Second-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Getting to your second year of wedded bliss is not an easy task and deserves a real celebration beginning with a day-off from work, getting dressed up in your finest clothes and jewelry, scheduling a nanny to cover for you while you’re both at a dinner date in an expensive restaurant, a rare restaurant date so you can both sit down to fine food and vintage bubbly, a bouquet of roses, and a traditional gift made from paper, cotton, and china.

Whoa, hold it right there! Everything had been planned perfectly until things went awry with your idea of paper, cotton, and china – traditional gifts of a second-anniversary celebration. Instead of going traditional by way of second anniversary gifts to your beloved, how about going eclectic with your choices?

Here’s how to buy a second-year wedding anniversary gift:

1.    Observe what your spouse likes and eavesdrop when the opportunity presents itself – digital gadgets, sports equipment, car accessories, origami, crafts, clothing, jewelry, totes, videos, music, books - the list goes on but this is really important to know so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase. Think out of the box as well – concert tickets, premiere movie tickets, baseball or football season tickets, and even a round of evening mini-golf are wonderful gift ideas.

2.    Determine the reason and the occasion for gift-giving. Yes, it’s your anniversary but go beyond it. You want to give your spouse an anniversary gift because it’s been a great couple of years and you love her more today then yesterday but not as much as tomorrow, right? These reasons, though fairly cheesy merit thorough and thoughtful thinking, not to mention a re-adjustment of your budget depending on the import and impact of the occasion and the things you were able to overcome to be able to arrive at your second year of marriage.

3.    Take your spouse’s personality into account when choosing a gift for your second anniversary. If she changes her mind about many things, you have a fickle spouse who might not appreciate a gift that carries no long-term interest or excitement. On the other hand, if your spouse is the type to collect stuff like placemats, daily planners, vintage mugs, or watches, in other words a Collector, then by all means go find something that will add to her existing collection but make sure it’s not a repeat of what she already has.

4.    When in doubt, consider buying her a gift certificate. Most women adore shopping and with a gift certificate on hand, you are actually giving her the absolute and unbridled freedom of buying what she wants without worrying about the cost. Believe it! She will thank you later on when the lights go out.

5.    Ask her friends or sisters for gift suggestions but swear them into absolute secrecy. Tell them if one of them spills - and as an attempt at levity as well- your spouse’s friends or sisters will be famously posted on your Facebook status message for their dirty deed. Make sure that aside from being trustworthy, they also have a healthy dose of humor just in case you have to do the Facebook thing.

6.    Ask your spouse to make a wish-list of her top gifts of all time but don’t tell her why. This will get her all worked up and will set the stage for anticipation and excitement.

7.    Make a list of the items that would possibly send her over the moon and compare prices by checking out Amazon, e-Bay, and other online stores.

8.     Just in case you run out of options, here are some best gift ideas that you can give your spouse according to

  • Overnight stay at a five-star hotel or resort
  • Amazon Kindle Wireless Reader
  • Taylor Swift CDs
  • Books about sex and marriage to include Fireproof and the Five Love Languages.
  • Nintendo Wii

9.    Finally, present your gift with a twist by using it to hold a dozen roses or asking the maître d' at the restaurant to present the gift with a flourish

There you have it, nine ways to help you find your second anniversary gift. Happy hunting!


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