How To Buy a Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set

One of the classic gifts for small children is the Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set. The train set is not only fun to play with for small children, but is also a great gift series for consecutive holidays and birthdays, since the Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set comes with various characters that can be purchased individually over time. Here’s how you can begin buying these train sets for your child.

  1. Basics. The basic character that you should purchase is Thomas the Tank Engine himself. There are plenty of characters in Thomas’ toy world, but the first and most essential is the engine. From Thomas, you can purchase other pieces that will complement the train set. Apart from the actual train, you can also accompany the first purchase with a Thomas the Tank Engine story book so that you can build up your child’s desire for the toy set.
  2. Favorite characters. Once your child has Thomas and after your kid has learned about the various characters in the story, you can ask your child which character he likes most. There are plenty to choose from, such as Max and Monty, Rosie, Byron, James, Oliver, Gordon, and many more. These are also play toys that come in various vehicle types such as dump trucks, long blue engines, bulldozers, and many more.
  3. Expansion. You can also purchase expansion pieces for the toys. There are additional train engines and train cars that can be purchased to go along with Thomas the Tank engine. There are also train track sets that will allow you to build larger train tracks where Thomas and friends can roam. There are also train tables that can be purchased to give your child his own play space where he can recreate Thomas’ world.
  4. Kits. Apart from individual expansion pieces, there are also kits that come with an array of items that can be used to construct specific scenes and game scenarios. For instance, you can check out the Learning Curve set, or the Railway Water Tower Figure 8 Set. There is also the Quarry Mine Tunnel set. The kits are usually more affordable than individual train pieces.
  5. Destinations. Apart from kits, you can also purchase separate destinations for the train tracks, to make traveling even more fun for Thomas and your child. There are chocolate factories, engine sheds, and barrel loaders that Thomas can stop in after a long day of play. Check out the local toy shop for a complete list of available destination for Thomas.
  6. Price. Finally, check the price for the products. There are plenty of shops where you can purchase Thomas the Tank Engine. Apart from the local mall and toy shop, you can also visit various online shops and websites that offer discounts and bargains for Thomas the Toy Engine pieces, sets, and kits. When purchasing online, however, be sure to check the shipping costs first.

With a Thomas the Tank Engine set, your child is sure to have hours of fun. You can even make play more interactive and eventful by teaching your child some lessons on how trains and locomotion occurs.


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