How To Buy an 18th-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

Husband handing a gift to wife

It is the 18th year anniversary of your wedding, and you are totally racking your brain on what gift to give your wife.  As a husband, you will always struggle if you are not familiar with the traditional wedding anniversary gifts.  Of course, in the current age we live in, practicality and creativity has replaced tradition.  However, the average man has really no clue on an appropriate wedding anniversary gift.  This cluelessness can be solved with a little help and by following tradition.

Porcelain.  Traditionally, porcelain is the primary choice for any 18th year wedding anniversary.  Porcelain exudes a classy aesthetic quality of delicate beauty.  A wonderful set of china is the typical gift you can give to your wife most especially if she is into class and beauty.  However, this really depends on what your spouse is enamored in.  Some people have gifted a porcelain set expanded and combined with various ceramic pieces.  In fact, a really fantastic yet expensive gift would be to actually renovate your master’s bathroom with his and hers sinks and toilets, retiling the whole bathroom, and jazzing up your wife’s dressing area.  This may be a bit too much but it is still appropriate and in line with the whole porcelain theme.  Another fabulous idea would be to take up a pottery or ceramics class and create the gift yourself from scratch.

Chrysoberyl.  Another excellent gift option for your wife on your 18th wedding anniversary is the chrysoberyl gemstone.  This gemstone, more popularly known as the “cat’s eye” is the gemstone associated with the 18th wedding anniversary.  The gemstone usually comes in a honey, golden brown, and light green color that is distinctive because of the bands along the stone that moves like a cat when hit by the light at certain angles.  The “cat’s eye” can be fixed on a ring or at the end of a necklace.  This can be given to both the husband and wife as it is not gender specific.  Any jewelry store should carry this gemstone and can customize it for you.

Be romantic.  Wedding anniversaries are celebrations of love.  The gift is usually only secondary for as long as you can make the day special for your spouse.  A marvelous way to do this is to go on a romantic getaway with your spouse like a picnic in the park or a trip to the beach where you can woo her like you did before.  On your trip, get and play a CD of your couple’s song to set the mood and reminisce.  Buy some flowers and give them to your wife in a porcelain vase.  This is a type of gift that both of you can enjoy at minimal expense.  Cheap yet memorable.

The most important thing to keep in mind on your 18th wedding anniversary is that it should be memorable to both of you.  When giving gifts, it is truly the thought that counts.  The cost of the gift will not matter at all.  Just make sure that the gift you give will truly celebrate your love for each other. 


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