How To Buy Baby Toys without Knowing the Baby's Gender

The beginning of new life is always a cause for celebration, and it’s a great gesture to anticipate his or her coming with a baby shower. If you’ve just been invited to a baby shower, and here are some gift ideas that you could use, especially if you’re not sure what the baby’s gender is: 

  1. Give practical gifts every baby needs. Parents will highly appreciate items that will help them supply for the needs of their new baby. Some of these are diapers, baby clothes (opt for light, gender-neutral colors such as white, yellow and green), beddings, baby bottles and pacifiers and even baby strollers. Here’s a tip on clothing and diaper: purchase big-sized ones, to accommodate the speedy growth of newborns. 
  2. Give educational toys. From the time of his birth, the baby experiences extremely rapid period of development – physically, emotionally, and mentally, among others. It’s a great idea to invest in tools that would help maximize this development. For example, studies show that classical music stimulates brain development, and mobiles hung over baby cribs help them focus their eyesight. You could also give baby books that the parents could read to their babies, to help develop their oral language skills at an early age.
  3. Opt for gender-neutral toys. There are so many gender-neutral toys available that appeal to babies. To help you choose the toy to give them, remember that babies love objects that stimulate their senses. Choose toys that are shiny and colorful, interesting to touch, and which they can make sounds and noises with. Interactive activities and musical instruments are popular choices. Also, make sure that that the toys don’t have small detachable parts or hard edges (safety hazards for little tots). 
  4. Give gift certificates. Yet another practical gift idea you can consider are gift certificates from popular baby stores. Some of the stores you can consider include Baby Depot, Baby Gap, Babies R Us, Gerber and Fisher-Price.
  5. Give gifts to ensure baby safety. Help make the home safe for the new baby. Give parents appliance locks and shields, finger guards, outlet covers, cabinet and drawer locks, anti-slip baby mats and rugs, and safety gates. Check out the following websites, which give more details about baby safety products:, and
  6. Consider the parents too. The baby’s birth is also about their parents too, so why not give gifts that new parents could use? Take a look at for lists of top parenting books. You could also give them “Best Mommy” and “Best Daddy” mugs, and some photo albums or picture frames where they could store pictures of their new baby. Help the mommy get back into fashion action by gifting her with a trendy, flattering outfit - after nine months of pregnancy she’d be sure to appreciate it. 

There you have it! These are some great baby shower gift ideas that could guide you if you’re not sure about the gender of the baby. Good luck, and have fun! 


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