How To Buy Bachelor Party Novelties

Bachelor party is one of the most riotous and fun parties you will ever experience in your while life, what with all the boys and the impossibly hilarious antics each one puts up. It is in itself fun, but if you want to add more doses of fun and excitement, you can have lots of wacky and crazy party novelties. Buying bachelor party novelties shouldn't be hard, but since boys will always be boys, you need some help to do this. Here are some tips you can keep in mind.

  • Match the party novelties to your theme. First off, you need to figure out what the party theme is before going out to shop for party novelties. The novelties you will have to buy should ultimately match the theme. If, however, you don't have a theme, base your choices on whether the party is adult-oriented or is somewhat wholesome. If the party is adult-oriented, go for party novelties that are sexually suggestive and naughty. A wholesome bachelor party can be spiced up with party novelties that represent sports, casino, fishing, and other manly activities.
  • Consider the location. Where do you intend to hold the bachelor party? If it is going to be in the groom's or in one of the men's house, you can have all kinds of party novelties-naughty and otherwise. The same thing applies if you are going to rent a place, since it will be all yours and you will be most likely allowed to do whatever you want. If, however, you are going to have the party in somewhere more public-bar, restaurant, resort, etc.-you might have to observe some restrictions. So aside from possibly resorting to tamer products, you might also have to watch the number of party novelties you are going to use.
  • Think of costumes. Just for fun, buy costumes for the groom and all the other guests. You can buy hats, shirts, glow products, and all sorts of props that will match the costumes. Of course, ask the groom if the idea sits with him. This is his night after all, so make sure you to stick to his idea of fun.
  • Make fun the central theme. Remember that your goal for buying party novelties is to up the level of fun of the bachelor party. So choose all the items that you think will send the boys to rapturous merrymaking. Be reminded, though, that some boys will find an item funny, while others may not, so to be safe, choose those that are generally wacky.
  • Buy from novelty and adult stores. You can visit different kinds of stores depending on your choice of items. For instance, the more wholesome items can be found in novelty and party stores. If you are going for sexually suggestive party novelties, then your best bet is to go to adult stores. Choose your novelties wisely, and make sure to buy at least three extras, so you can have spare items in case one gets mangled up in the course of the party. You know, boys are raucous when excessively excited.
  • Check online stores. You can also choose to order from bachelor party online stores. These kinds of stores sell everything you will ever need for a bachelor party. Choose from their list of products and make an order. Shipping usually takes three days.

Most of the novelties will be used only once, so it is advisable not to buy too many items that will most likely end up in the garbage. Also, remember not to go way beyond your budget. Closely monitor your spending.


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