How To Buy Bunk Beds for Children

Just because your child is a child doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a say about what bunk bed he wants. He has to have his input because he’s the one who’ll be sleeping on it. Besides, one of the best childhood memories he can have is that of his room and that includes his bunk bed.  

To make sure he gets what he wants within your budget, here’s what you should do:

  • Encourage him to participate in the planning stage. Ask him to present you with design ideas along with price tags for consideration. If he is old enough and is allowed to surf the internet (under your watchful eye), he can pick what he wants from various websites.
  • Get the numbers. Go to his room and take measurements. Focus on the space where the bunk bed will take residence. Make allowances on width and height. For your information, bunk beds have an average height of six feet bulk included. Don’t be conservative on your measurements because you would want your child to use his bunk bed until he leaves for college. Well, wouldn’t you?
  • Find out the type that will fit into the room. Take in the color and design of his room then match these with the personality of the bunk bed that will fit like a puzzle piece. Here are the following types for consideration:
    • Basic – This type consists of twin beds that can be slept on by one or two people. This is perfect for when your child has a friend overnight.
    • Futon – Doubles as a couch. Your child can fold this up during the day if floor space is an issue.
    • L-Shaped – This type is ideal when your child needs more space for his stuffed toys and for extra pillows.
    • Basic Loft - This is some sort of suspended bunk bed that allows your child to store his toys underneath the space provided or even a study area when he needs to do his homework.
    • Junior Loft – This is for younger children who want built-in features like a slide or a miniature tent to hide in.
    • Novelty – From the name itself, you can already gauge that this could be the one and only runaway winner that your child will cherish until he gets pimples on his face. This is as close to a customized bunk bed as you can get. He can get his wish in the form of a Toy Story-inspired bunk bed or even a Harry Potter theme.
    • Study lofts – How about that? A bunk bed that also doubles as a study area. If your kid is past his stuffed toys and is well into cracking books, this is probably the one that’s best for him.
    • Triple bunk - If you plan on having more children, you might as well invest on this one right now.  This type of bunk bed has three beds designed over an L-shaped one with the third bed suspended from the other beds. However, you have to clear this with your child first. You don’t want to burst his bubble by telling him there’s a possibility he won’t be solo on the triple bunk for a long time.
  • Choose the frame. Solid wood is so much better, more homey and far more classy than metal or plastic so go with wood. It lasts long and is easier to polish.
  • Be mindful of the safety features. You have to make sure that your child is safe when he sleeps at night. Check for safety features guardrails for example. You would also want to buy a bunk bed that has a footboard and headboard.

These are all the guidelines that you need to buy a great bunk bed that lasts a long time and one that your child will truly enjoy sleeping in.


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