How To Buy Cheap Cloth Diapers

Some mothers prefer cloth diapers because they are more comfortable and safer for babies to use. These diapers are more hygienic and very gentle and are particularly recommended for babies with sensitive skin. Today's cloth diapers are much better than the ones used by your grandparents. The new breed of cloth diapers are resistant to stains and are very easy to clean. The initial investment for a set of high quality cloth diapers can be higher than expected. However there are ways for you to be able to find some cheaper priced cloth diapers. Below are some tips.

  • Search online for shops that sell diaper packages. A package can consist of different packages for different stages in your baby's life and includes a few dozen diapers, snaps, wraps, diaper covers, fasteners, wipes and lotion. One such online shop is called Green Mountain Diapers. The online shop also sells second hand diapers and offers a host of information and helpful guides on the use and care of cloth diapers. Take a look at several brands of cloth diapers that Green Mountain Diapers carry.
  • Look for a shop that sells seconds and discontinued diaper line. These are much cheaper than the regular good quality ones. Seconds does not mean that they are of poor quality. There are just minor flaws in the product that did not pass quality inspection but these diapers are still very good. Kelly's Closet offers good prices for gently used (returned items that are new) and discontinued cloth diapers. Visit their website and locate the ON SALE link on the left navigation panel or on the main menu on bar on top of the page.  The prices are heavily marked down. The shop also offers reward points for your purchases in the online store and you can exchange these points for free diapers. Look at the link for FREE DIAPERS for more information on how to get free diapers.
  • Baby Best Buy is an online shop that buys cloth diapers and other baby things direct from manufacturers and therefore eliminates middlemen. They pass on the savings to their customers so you can get huge savings when you order your cloth diapers from their store. The store also offers monthly specials on different baby items where the prices are further slashed. They also offer different packages on the dappi® cloth diaper brand.
  • Another website that you can visit is Nicki's Diapers. The site offers diaper trial where you can use their cloth diapers for fifteen days and you have the option to either return or keep the diapers after the trail period. You can also take advantage of the sale price for these almost new, gently used cloth diapers that have been returned. The site also has links to clearance sales of cloth diaper overstock and seconds, as well as package deals, a bargain nook, and sale items. The online store has a lot to offer a bargain-hunting mom.

Taking care of a baby involves a lot of expenses. Looking for and buying cheap but still good quality cloth diapers can give you more savings that you can use to buy other items for your baby. These products are not inferior in quality and even seconds and slightly used cloth diapers are still very good choices. After all, what is a little fray or a small hole on a diaper? These little things can be mended. The most important thing is that your baby is comfortable and wearing cloth diapers that are very gentle on his delicate skin.


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