How To Buy Cheaper Disposable Diapers

A sizeable amount of a baby’s monthly budget goes to diapers. Disposable diapers are more convenient to use than cloth ones and you do not need to change your baby’s diaper as soon as it gets soiled or wet. You also save on the washing and drying times as well as buying the liners and diaper covers that is normally used together with the cloth diaper to prevent leaks and staining mattresses, beddings, carpet and upholstery. But when you think about it, a baby may require about five diaper changes a day or thirty-five diapers a week. That translates to roughly eighty dollars a month at a per diaper average of fifty-eight cents. This can amount to a huge sum of money before your child is potty trained and out of diapers by age three. This means that you do need to look for cheaper disposable diapers to save. Below are some tips.                                                                                                                                     

  • Visit warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club where you can buy diapers in bulk. The brands they carry are lower-priced but still of the same quality as the more pricey and well-known brands. This can bring the price per diaper much lower than the average. Buying diapers in bulk except for the newborn will save you from frequent trips to the store for diapers as these come in big boxes.
  • Well-known and heavily advertised diaper brands are more expensive than supermarket and generic counterparts. The supermarket and generic brands are exactly like the more expensive brands but they cost less because you do not pay for the extravagant packaging and advertising and marketing costs that are included in the price of the popular brands. Walmart and Target are good stores to check for their own quality and low priced disposable diapers.
  • Generic diapers are usually smaller than popular diaper brands so make sure that you get one size bigger when you buy them. Make sure that you get a size that will be a comfortable fit for your baby. Remember that even if the price is the same for a larger sized diaper and a one that is one-size smaller, there are fewer diapers in a larger sized diaper package.
  • Check online stores that sell disposable diapers much lower than regular stores. Calculate the cost per diaper so that you will have a general idea if you are actually going to save when buying disposable diapers online. You have to factor in the shipping cost in the calculation of the cost per diaper. Diapies R Us offers disposable diapers in bulk. An order is for an average monthly consumption. You can make single order or place continuous regular order at a pre-arranged frequency. The price per box includes shipping.  At about $55 per box of 240 diapers, inclusive of shipping, this is a great bargain.
  • Sign up at some of the diaper manufacturer’s websites and websites of national chain stores. These website usually give out free diaper samples to expectant mothers and mothers with babies.  You get the free diapers and you also get to compare branded ones against generic ones.
  • Use diaper coupons found in newspapers and online blogs on parenting and motherhood. You can enlist your family members and friends to collect coupons for you. Coupons will bring you big savings and you can try out different diaper brands at the same time.

Use alternative sources when you want to look for cheaper disposable diapers. You do not necessarily have to buy branded diapers to keep your baby clean and dry as generic brands are the same and/or comparable to these branded diapers. Save more by not throwing away disposable diapers with ripped off tabs. You can replace them with masking or clear adhesive tapes and they will still work perfectly.               


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