How To Buy Lingerie for your Girlfriend

Buying sexy lingerie for your girlfriend can be tricky.  Women can be a bit sensitive when it comes to this.  While some may think you are a kind of sexually deprived maniac, others may see this as an insult.  You have to be really careful in choosing the right intimate apparel.  If chosen correctly, you will bring confidence to your girl. Remember, this is for your girlfriend, not for you.  Here are some great tips about how to buy the right lingerie.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to identify the reason why you are buying lingerie for your girl.  Remember, just because you are getting her sexy underwear does not automatically mean that it is only for your much anticipated intimate moments.  It can always be for everyday use like thongs for white slacks or low riding underwear for low-cut jeans.
  2. It is extremely important to know her correct size.  Do not ask her, instead, discreetly check her drawers to be sure you get the right size.  Not knowing her size can lead to hurting her feelings.  When you give her underwear that is too small, she might think she’s too fat.  Too big for her will make her think how fat you think she is.
  3. It would be extremely helpful that you fish for the right kind of lingerie.  Inconspicuously find out what kind of lingerie she wants.  You can do this by browsing a lingerie catalogue with her to determine which ones she likes, just make sure you make a mental note so you don’t forget!
  4. Consider the kind of person she is.  If your girlfriend is adventurous, it would not hurt to choose something that is a bit bold and fun.  If she is the demure type, choose the conservative but sexy type of lingerie.
  5. Never take the colors for granted.  Choosing the right shade of underwear makes all the difference.  Think about her favorite colors and select something that suits both of your taste.
  6. Think about your girlfriend’s physique.  For example, if she thinks she has small breasts, buy lingerie with padded bras on it.  If she thinks her waist is too big, you can always opt for corsets.  Your goal should be whatever intimate apparel you choose, it is vital that it compliments her body at every angle.
  7. Try to be generous.  If you can, do not be frugal.  Lingerie can be a bit costly, especially the good ones.  You have to remember, it is all worth it once you see her face light up with surprise.

You can never go wrong when you carefully apply these simple and yet effective tips.  This can make your relationship go the next level where you are both open in discovering your sexuality.  Soon, you will end up not only satisfied but also, you have successfully pleased your woman in so many ways, making her confident and sexy.  It sure is worth your effort, money and time.  Good luck!


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