How To Buy Non-GMO Baby Food

By definition, "Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are the result of laboratory processes which artificially insert foreign genes into the DNA of food crops or animals."  Among the benefits of genetic modification are better food quality, products with higher nutritional value and longer shelf life.  However, some groups claim that GMO products are harmful to humans and animals alike.  The debate continues as to whether or not GMO foods are indeed risky.

In a perfect world, none of the food available for human consumption should be genetically modified.  Unfortunately, fresh, organically grown foods are not readily available and are quite expensive.   However, you can still choose to give your baby non-genetically modified foods.

Before buying non-GMO baby food, start by educating yourself about what exactly are GMO and non-GMO foods.  You can visit the following sites for more information on this topic:

When you are ready, here are some tips in buying non-GMO baby food for your new bundle of joy:

Visit a health food store.  Most health food stores carry 100% organic food for babies and adults as well.  You can also inquire from health food store personnel regarding information on GM and non-GM food products.

Scrutinize food labels.  Some local grocery stores are now stocking up on healthy foods.  Check if they have a healthy food section offering non-GMO baby food.  Make sure to read the baby food label well.  It should clearly state that the baby food is non-GM, contains no GMOs or "made without genetically modified ingredients."

Check out online stores.  Buy non-GMO baby from food makers like Homemade Baby, Earth's Best and Taste Bud Organic Baby Food that sell organic, non-GMO baby foods online. 

Buy Organic.  By US and Canadian law, all 100% organic products cannot be made with GMO ingredients.  Look for labels that say: 100% organic or "made with organic ingredients only."

Avoid products containing "At-Risk" ingredients.  Soybean, corn, canola (also called rapeseed) and cottonseed are considered the "Big Four" GMO ingredients found in many products.  Avoid products with these ingredients unless they are non-genetically modified.  Sweets are not exactly good for babies.  But if you need to use sugar at some point, make sure that is made from 100% sugar cane.  Only use organic as well as non-GMO sweeteners.

Buy from companies using non-GMO ingredients.  The following companies manufacture baby foods without genetically modified organisms in their ingredients:

  • Baby's Only
  • Earth's Best
  • Gerber products
  • HappyBaby
  • Mom Made Meals
  • Plum Organics
  • Tastybaby

Download the non-GMO shopping guide.  For more information on how to avoid foods made with genetically modified organisms, download the Non-GMO Shopping Guide from Responsible Technology.

Every year, you can find more and more information regarding the benefits and risks of genetically modified foods.  Starting your baby on 100% organic and non-GM foods is a great way to safe guard her health and well-being.  Foods with no GMO as ingredients are often times more expensive.  However, knowing that your baby is eating non-genetically modified food products is priceless.


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